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  • We started ITMAGINATION in 2008 with a clear goal in mind - to help our clients become successful technology-driven organizations. We are advocates of the innovator in each one of us. It takes a team of smart people committed to quality and to delivering tangible value to every customer at every step.

    We set out on a mission to create innovative and efficient software systems to help large businesses perform better in the era of financial insecurity. Our goal has been to deliver great technology solutions at an affordable price and with a human face.

  • The difference isn't solely in what we do, it's rooted in who we are, why and how we do it. It's why our very first client chose us over one of the largest and most established firms in the industry. They recognized our commitment to delivering the right solutions with flexibility and cooperation you only get from a trusted partner. You might think of ITMAGINATION's company model as business-to-business, but in fact it's human-to-human. In our world of high-tech, high-touch matters. Both our team and our customers value positive results delivered with a human face.

  • The result - customers come back to us time and time again. They have asked for new services and innovation. They’ve shared ideas and recommendations. Soon enough, more new customers came. They fuelled our growth and enabled us to expand our skills and abilities.

    If you’re looking for a technology partner who will put your needs first and help your business grow faster, better, stronger - ITMAGINATION is at your service. Contact us today - we’d love to hear about your project and suggest a way to see it through.

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Empowering culture


Empowering culture


To empower the innovator in all of us
At ITMAGINATION everyone has the potential to be an innovator. But realizing that potential takes more than good technology. It takes a partnership with people you can trust, who empower and inspire you. And that's exactly who we are and what this company is built on. It speaks not only to our clients, but also to every member of our team.

Empowering culture


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Leading Central European provider of innovative technologies, services and solutions with strong position in key industries working with clients around the world.

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Brand Guide

The following guidelines are collection of documents which set out how to use the design elements of a ITMAGINATION's brand.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it.


Chapter I. [General provisions]

  1. This Privacy Policy determines the terms and conditions of using the Website, the cookies policy, and the terms and conditions of personal data processing and protection.
  2. When used in this Privacy Policy, the following terms shall mean:
  3. The Policy – this document.
  4. ITMAGINATION – ITMAGINATION spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością [limited-liability company] with its registered office in Warsaw, ul. Chmielna 85/87, 00-805 Warsaw, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Department of the National Court Register, KRS No. 0000315903, NIP [Tax Identification Number] 5272587128, REGON [statistical number] 141608169, with the share capital of PLN 1,800,000.
  5. The User – a natural or corporate person, or an organisational unit without legal personality, using the Website.
  6. The Website – the web page available on www.itmagination.com, enabling the User to use the Contact Form or the Form.
  7. The Contact Form – the form enabling contact with IMAGINATION, to be found on http://www.itmagination.com/pl/contact#contact.
  8. The Form – the form enabling the submission of a job application to ITMAGINATION.

Chapter II. [Technical requirements]

  1. To use the Website, you need Internet access and Internet Explorer (5.5 or more recent version), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or any other browser compatible with the Website.
  2. To use the Form or Contact Form, you need an active e-mail account.

Chapter III. [Cookies]

  1. The Website uses cookies.
  2. A cookie is a file containing an identifier (a string of letters and numbers) that is sent by a web server to a web browser and is stored by the browser. The identifier is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server.
  3. The Website uses two types of cookies, i.e. persistent and session cookies. Persistent cookies are stored by the browser and remain there for a period determined in their parameters or until they are removed by the User, whereas session cookies are saved until the browser is closed by the User.
  4. We use the following third-party cookies to identify and trace the User, and to identify the Users that come back to the Website:
  5. hstc to identify the computer of the user visiting our website,
  6. hubspotutk to identify the computer of the user completing a form on our website,
  7. hssc to monitor the user's session activity,
  8. hssrc to determine when the user restarts his/her browser,
  9. hs_opt_out to save the user's acceptance for the use of cookies,
  10. hs_do_not_track to remove tracking and personalisation,
  11. hs_testcookie to test whether the user supports cookies activation,
  12. hsPagesViewedThisSession to monitor the view of websites in the browser session,
  13. hsfirstvisit to monitor the user's first visit.
  14. Google Analytics is used to analyse Website use, generating statistical and other information regarding the Website use.
  15. Most browsers allow the User to disable cookies through the adequate browser configuration.
  16. However, this will affect Website functionality by limiting certain functions.
  17. The User can remove the cookies stored making use of the browser functions intended for this purpose.
  18. However, this might affect Website functionality.

Chapter IV. [Personal data, their processing and protection]

  1. Within the Meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection, personal data provided by the User on the Form or the Contact Form shall be administrated by ITMAGINATION Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw.
  2. The following personal data of the User shall be included in processing: first name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, company name, position and other data provided by the User in his/her CV.
  3. The User shall have the right to access, amend or demand removal of his/her personal data.
  4. The User shall provide his/her personal data voluntarily.
  5. Personal data shall be processed under the agreement expressed by the User by ticking the appropriate box in the Form or the Contact Form in the course of the procedure intended to enable the use of such data.
  6. Both the administrator and the companies forming part of the ITMAGINATION Group may process personal data for recruitment purposes or to respond to a query made on the Contact Form. The current list of companies forming part of the ITMAGINATION Group is available on itmagination.com.
  7. The administrator shall process Personal Data of the Users in accordance with the binding law, and in particular under the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means, and the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection.
  8. The Website is equipped with the adequate safety measures, aimed at protecting personal data against their loss, inappropriate use, unlawful processing or modification. The administrator shall take appropriate measures to protect personal data confidentiality and to maintain their integrity, in compliance with the Regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration of 29 April 2004 on personal data processing documentation and technical and organisational conditions which should be fulfilled by devices and computer systems used for the personal data processing.

Chapter V. [Final provisions]

  1. Any queries related to personal data processing by ITMAGINATION should be addressed to: [●].
  2. The application of this Policy shall be governed by Polish law.
  3. Any matters not regulated by this Policy shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the binding law.
  4. Given the continual development and technological progress, the principles laid down in this Policy are subject to change. We shall inform the User on any such changes by placing a version of the Policy on itmagination.com.

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