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Autonomous Cars – the Digital Connection

In the age of autonomous cars, how will “drivers” and “passengers” stay connected with the world around them? The answer lies in mobile technology.

No More Dashboards

The possibilities for mobile command and control within the autonomous car appear to be limitless. Apple, for example, provided a preview of things to come with its CarPlay service – released in 2014, it integrates essential iPhone functions including calls, messages, maps, music, podcasts and audiobooks directly into a vehicle’s center console. But could the next step be making the center console display redundant as well?

Going Mobile

It’s no great stretch of the imagination to imagine a future where IoT technology allows for all kinds of sensors to be embedded in vehicles, allowing for improved weather forecasting and updated infrastructure conditions. App-like marketplaces will allow in-transit purchases – which might include anything from food to merchandise to education to entertainment, since the “driver” and “passengers” will no longer be involved in physically operating the car. All this data and possibilities will be available to vehicle passengers on their mobile devices, and we can be sure that all of it can and will be monetized.

Opportunity Knocks

And there’s the point that matters. All these developments, be they positive or negative for consumers, will create new opportunities for companies interested in creating new experiences from within cars. This endless integration is just the next step of this continuing evolution in technology. The bottom line is this – autonomous cars will not just revolutionize how we drive, but also how we consume information, goods, services, and content – just like smartphones did just a few short years ago. 


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Michael Kammer

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