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Car Sharing – A Passing Fad or the Way of the Future?

Traditionally, owning a car has represented freedom, independence, and possibility. But is car sharing a better solution to transportation and environmental issues?

How exactly does car sharing work, and what are the benefits?

It’s pretty simple, actually. Car sharing lets local users access a network of vehicles in a city and rent the vehicles by the minute, hour, or day – or purchase a monthly or annual-access membership plan. An extensive study of car sharing by the Nelson Nygaard Association found that car sharing reduces car ownership, reduces vehicle miles, and increases walking, biking, and the use of public transportation. The study also found that for every shared vehicle on the road, at least five private vehicles are removed. The bottom line is that car sharing’s affordable alternative to car ownership means that people can sell their car (or just not buy one) while still having access to a car when they need one.

Is it a new idea?

Not at all. Car sharing started in 1948 when a housing cooperative in Switzerland began a small car sharing arrangement. In the 1970s and 80s more ambitious car sharing projects were launched in France and Holland, but lasted only a few years. Small car sharing systems in Switzerland and Germany were tried in the early 1990s, but they also didn’t last long. What’s different today? The digital revolution has created technologies and infrastructures that have made car sharing more convenient and available, but the attitudes and lifestyles of individuals have also changed, meaning that today there are more than 2 million members in car sharing programs worldwide, with membership expected to reach over 12 million by 2020.

The ITMAGINATION difference 

ITMAGINATION’s mission is to strengthen the innovator in everyone. That’s why we’ve partnered with (and invested in) 4Mobility in order to create a unique car-sharing platform. To get yourself a car, all you need is a smartphone with the 4mobility app installed (and a valid driver’s license, of course!) You register, choose a vehicle, and start driving without any deposits or obligations. You pay for your actual usage of the car and nothing more, and when you arrive at your destination, you can park in any of 4Mobility’s designated spots or zones.

Drive it. Share it. Done. 


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