ITMAGINATION is successfully helping to implement the operational merger of BGŻ BNP Paribas bank’s IT systems

By migrating data - while maintaining extremely high quality - covering more than 700 million records, ITMAGINATION has contributed to the success of the fastest merger of IT systems of this scale in the history of Polish banking.

The operational merger of IT systems within BGŻ and BNP Paribas is the last step in the merger of the two institutions, which began on 30 April 2015. The task of migrating data was given to ITMAGINATION in July 2015, and in February 2016 the company’s specialists successfully carried out the first stage of the migration of BGŻ’s Optima systems.  The second stage of the migration was launched in December 2015 and covers all the systems of the former BGŻ. The migration project of the BGŻ BNP Paribas IT systems was carried out in just 11 months, which is a record for this type of operation in the Polish banking sector.

CLIO – a pillar of one of the most ambitious IT projects in Polish banking

ITMAGINATION provided the migration engine and reconciliation tool, whose task was to extract data from source systems, transform them into appropriate formats and transfer them to the target systems. The merger took place using the proprietary CLIO platform, also implemented in Credit Acricole Bank Polska and DNB Bank Polska. For the purpose of data migration in BGŻ BNP Paribas, CLIO was further expanded with two new modules, responsible for the monitoring and management of migration processes. The platform was developed based on Microsoft technologies.

The merger of IT systems within BGŻ BNP Paribas was extremely demanding, not only because of the ambitious schedule, but also due to the scale of the operation. Production migration, carried out on 10-13 November involved a total of nearly 100 migratory flows from dozens of source systems to dozens of target systems. Despite these challenges, ITMAGINATION maintained a high quality of migrated data – in more than 700 million records just a few hundred contained inaccuracies, which required manual correction.

In order to verify the quality of migration, the company developed together with the bank over 2 600 reconciliation rules that allowed the monitoring of whether the data extracted from the source systems coincided with the data transmitted to the target systems.  Reconciliation reports were presented to the bank online using the CLIO dashboard, accessible through a Web browser.

ITMAGINATION’s commitment and flexibility was the key to success

The project – implemented at the same time in Krakow and Warsaw – was extremely dynamic, especially in terms of the functionalities implemented and the pace of work. This required flexibility from the ITMAGINATION design team, whose composition was adapted to the current needs and requirements of the bank. The company demonstrated that it can build an effective team during a project.

The successful completion of the migration process would not have been possible without very close cooperation at the operational level, in line with the best practices of project management and the production cycle of the software. As part of the preparation for the migration, hundreds of workshop meetings took place between ITMAGINATION experts and representatives of the bank. A result of this was the development of appropriate solutions, implemented after by cooperating teams from BGŻ BNP Paribas and ITMAGINATION. The project was led by an experienced team of project managers, and in the final phase there was also greater involvement from the management boards of ITMAGINATION and BGŻ BNP Paribas.

“This was a special project in many ways for us. Due to its specific nature and scale it was quite unique. In ITMAGINATION we like ambitious challenges and we are not afraid of them. Therefore, we approached this project optimistically. Our priority was to carry out data migration effectively and without the bank's customers noticing. Therefore, time played a key role. We were able to carry out the operation in a record time of 11 months, which I am very happy about. We were able to meet this challenge and ultimately contribute to improving the quality of services provided by the Bank,” concludes Daniel Arak, co-founder and board member at ITMAGINATION.

Exemplary migration with benefits for customers

Despite the scale of the operation, the inconvenience to customers was minimal. On Monday 14 November, all bank branches worked their regular opening hours. The beneficiaries of the migration are primarily individual customers of the former Bank BGŻ. Since 14 November, they have been able to benefit from a harmonised internet banking. Account numbers have not changed, and the system has imported the history of banking operations for the last 12 months. The changes also applied to business, enterprises and corporate customers that up to that point had been using the eBGŻ Firma system. Since 14 November, users of the system have been transferred to the new internet banking system.


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