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Smart Displays: Are They the Next “Must-Have” Gadget?

This year’s CES exhibition witnessed the birth of a brand-new device category – the smart display. What does it do and why would you need one? Read on to find out!

If 2017 taught us anything, it’s that smart speakers are fantastic – right up until you need some visual information to go with their answers, that is. To fix this issue, Amazon launched the Echo Show and Spot, and now Google is on the case, working with JBL, Lenovo, LG, and Sony to launch their own “smart display” later this year.

How will it work? 

Just like a smart speaker, basically. You ask the Google Assistant questions and get a response. But according to the information put out by Google at CES, Google Assistant smart displays can show the time, the date, the weather, recipes, your calendar appointments, YouTube videos, Google Maps, Google Music, Google Photos, Google Duo video calls, and Nest cam video feeds. There's no word yet on what the OS is, but since it’s Google, Android is a pretty safe bet!

Am I going to want one?

If this video is any indication, then yeah, you probably will. “Personally, I think these “smart displays” are the future of Google Assistant, and for me I don’t think it’s going to be worth buying anything else going forward” says tech blogger Ben Schoon in a post from last month. “Speakers are great, but when you slap on this software and a display, it becomes something truly magical.”

The ITMAGINATION difference 

This is the time to get in on the ground floor of the smart display market. ITMAGINATION has a track record of smart speaker development and integration, including new feature and capability development and extended language support, and we’re excited to see what we can bring to the smart display market as well.

Say it. See it. Done. 


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Michael Kammer

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