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Weekend Readings: AI and Transportation, Outstanding Blockchain Apps, and a Bug Takes Down Ethereum

Which are the “best-in-class” apps for blockchain? How is an unfortunately placed bug affecting Ethereum? How will AI affect transportation? Read on to find out!

Szymon Kosno

Angular 5 Out Now

It’s that time of year again! Angular 5 has just been finalized and released with another batch of steady upgrades to one of the most popular frameworks on the market. The team pushed forward optimizations related to bundle size, speed, and server-side rendering. After a few not-so-perfect initial Angular releases, it seems that the team is back on the right track.

Killer Blockchain Apps

Few people understand what Blockchain is all about, and time may prove that no one really does. Can we already try to spot what the “killer apps” for blockchain are? Are there some places where it really does shine brighter than any other solution on the market?

Paweł Kot

A Definitive Guide to Authentication

Last week I wrote about how to avoid another password-based site. This time, I recommend reading this article, which gives a nice overview of various authentication schemes. As a bonus, you may learn the difference between authentication and authorization – please note that in Polish it is “uwierzytelnianie” and not “autentykacja.”

Ethereum’s Parity Hacked

Every significant piece of software code has bugs. We’ve gotten used to it. There are even jokes about how cars would behave if they were like software. On the other hand, software plays an increasingly significant role in our lives. The recent bug in Ethereum’s client Parity has frozen approximately 500,000 ethers, meaning their owners do not have access to them for the moment. The bug was triggered by accident and seems not to have been a planned attack. Still, it proves that there is still a problem with software quality, which begs the question – what can we do to increase trust in software?

Paweł Potasiński

A Practical Guide to Facial Recognition Technology

Due to rapid advancements in Deep Neural Networking and face scanning cameras, facial analysis has become a core element of what we know today as cognitive services. It has many applicable scenarios both in private life (tagging photos) and in business (recognizing customers and measuring their satisfaction, etc.) There are plenty of providers who offer services that allow us to detect faces and analyze them, and this article is a good introduction to facial analysis – how it works, what its scientific foundations are, and what kind of service providers are on the market.

Emotions and the Future of Transportation

Getting from A to B is about to feel very different. We are entering an era of connected mobility, and journeys are becoming tailored experiences that are designed around the individual preferences of passengers. Read the article for a vision of how AI can change how we use vehicles and public transportation.


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Szymon Kosno, Paweł Kot, Paweł Potasiński

Paweł Kot joined ITMAGINATION in November 2016 as Chief Enterprise Architect. He is responsible for combining business and technology perspectives. Paweł develops and implements innovative concepts that walk our clients through the digital transformation. Paweł Potasiński assumed the position of Chief Data Architect at ITMAGINATION in March 2017. He is dedicated to transforming our clients into successful data-driven organizations. Paweł holds numerous professional certifications, including that of Microsoft Certified Solution Expert - Data Management and Analytics. Szymon Kosno is an active contributor to software development enhancements and organizational evolution in ITMAGINATION as a Chief Software Architect. With 12 years of experience in software development, he focuses on process clarifications, sustainable architectural approaches and efficient development. He is a strong believer that a good software can make a difference.

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