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Weekend Readings: Easier Node APIs, the Death of E-commerce, and Trouble with Intel Processors

Need help with your first Node.js based REST API? Got questions about the future of E-commerce? Want to know why your Intel processor is slowing down? Weekend Readings has the answers!

Szymon Kosno

Storybook 3.3

Modern frontend development is all about components. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to focus on component development while working on a bigger application picture. There are many solutions, but the React world has introduced the awesome concept of Storybook. What if it were not only React specific? Check out versions supporting Vue, Angular 4+, and other new exciting features!

Easier Node APIs

Struggling to build your first Node.js based REST API? There are tons of tutorials and information out there, but why not just start with a generator that will get you going in no time?

Paweł Potasiński

Is E-commerce Finished?

E-commerce is all about consumers and their purchases. Those consumers need to feel confident about their purchase decisions, and flat images, dimensions, and specs can’t replace trying the products in real life. That’s why, with the growing popularity and increasing level advancement of Augmented Reality, E-commerce may soon become A-commerce.

Deep Learning in the Next 12 Months

The New Year is always an opportunity to make resolutions and predictions. If you think that the previous year was exciting in the field of AI, wait and see what some foretell for 2018! Carlos E. Perez has attempted to predict what is going to happen in the world of deep learning this year, and let’s just say that it’s going to be an interesting year ahead! Read his article to find out more.

Paweł Kot

Intel Processor Flaws – Trouble Ahead?

Are you ready for all your applications to slow down by 30%? Hardware solutions are usually preferred to software solutions, but only until they hit major problems. A few weeks ago, Intel had a problem with prime number generators that affected most cryptographic chips. Now, there’s an issue that hits most electronic devices in the world. There’s good news and bad news – major operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS X) have been patched, but the patch slows down OS performance by anywhere from 5% to 50%!


e-commerce, AI, node.js, deep learning
Szymon Kosno, Paweł Kot, Paweł Potasiński

Paweł Kot joined ITMAGINATION in November 2016 as Chief Enterprise Architect. He is responsible for combining business and technology perspectives. Paweł develops and implements innovative concepts that walk our clients through the digital transformation. Paweł Potasiński assumed the position of Chief Data Architect at ITMAGINATION in March 2017. He is dedicated to transforming our clients into successful data-driven organizations. Paweł holds numerous professional certifications, including that of Microsoft Certified Solution Expert - Data Management and Analytics. Szymon Kosno is an active contributor to software development enhancements and organizational evolution in ITMAGINATION as a Chief Software Architect. With 12 years of experience in software development, he focuses on process clarifications, sustainable architectural approaches and efficient development. He is a strong believer that a good software can make a difference.

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