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Weekend Readings: The Neural Internet, What’s New in React, and a Blockchain Use Case

What’s coming in React? What will the new Neural Internet look like? How useful can blockchain be? Read on to find out!

Szymon Kosno

React’s New Context API

A shiny new context in React is coming, and it might just be exactly what you were looking for. Learn what to expect and how it might benefit your projects!

The Great AWS Lambda Debate

Serverless and Service Oriented Architecture always require you to answer questions about the size and scope of single modules. Here is some analysis that might make it easier!

Paweł Potasiński

The New Neural Network is Coming

What are Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN)? They are the first step in neural network technology learning creativity. Imagine a vision API built on top of a neural network that not only allows users to classify images or detect objects, but can also create new images based on requirements provided. Read this article to see how advanced GAN technology is today and where it’s going to go in the near future.

A Multi-Trillion Dollar Blockchain Use Case

Can you think of any blockchain supply chain use cases? How about making it easier for small suppliers to get more financing on better terms? Read this article to find an interesting point of view by Taylor Pearson, author of the bestseller “The End of Jobs”.


blockchain, AI, internet, React
Paweł Potasiński, Szymon Kosno

Paweł Potasiński assumed the position of Chief Data Architect at ITMAGINATION in March 2017. He is dedicated to transforming our clients into successful data-driven organizations. Paweł holds numerous professional certifications, including that of Microsoft Certified Solution Expert - Data Management and Analytics. Szymon Kosno is an active contributor to software development enhancements and organizational evolution in ITMAGINATION as a Chief Software Architect. With 12 years of experience in software development, he focuses on process clarifications, sustainable architectural approaches and efficient development. He is a strong believer that a good software can make a difference.

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