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Weekend readings: Kaggle takeover, blockchain explained, new features in C# 7.0, and much more

Check out our selection of most thought-provoking articles on IT industry from around the web.

Paweł Potasiński

Kaggle joins Google Cloud – Kaggle Blog

Last week, the Data Science world was dominated by information regarding Google’s takeover of Kaggle. Kaggle is a unique place on the web, where for seven years data analysis and machine learning scientists have developed a unique community. You can also find there many interesting resources (data sets – from Titanic passengers list to list of the number of calories in McDonald’s products, numerous articles dedicated to machine learning, and contests – from finding patterns in Eurovision voting to whales “facial” recognition data). It will now be a separate Google Cloud brand. Without a doubt, in this manner, Google gained access to one of the biggest databases of knowledge (and people!) in the world in the area of Data Science.

Congratulations to this month's Featured Data Stories – Microsoft Power BI Blog

Once again, the Microsoft Power BI product group distinguished the best stories that are told using reports (“data stories”). These stories are placed in the Data Stories Gallery that has been operating since last July. This month’s topic was maps. If you are looking for a source of inspiration in the area of data visualizationand you want to tell stories with the use of such visualizations, see the projects that were distinguished. My favourites are the results of the presidential election in France and the potato market in Europe. Perhaps you have an idea for a good story to be told using data?

Paweł Kot

A blockchain in 200 lines of code – Medium.com

Blockchain is often described as the technology behind Bitcoin that no one quite understands. One can have many doubts as to sense and role of blockchain in today’s world. However, there is no doubt that a combination of different theories gave rise to a very interesting and complex technological solution. Lauri Hartikka wrote an easy to digest article (and code) that presents most blockchain concepts in a way that is painless to understand for programmers. In my opinion, this is an interesting read even for those who do not wish to deal with blockchain.

Thinking Serverless! How New Approaches Address Modern Data Processing Needs – A Cloud Guru

Ken Fromm has published a series of 4 articles regarding serverless thinking. Articles pertain to the approach of designing solutions that operate on the basis of cloud computing. While reading, you may think that there is really nothing new being said. That’s true – the articles are a collection of the best practices, experience, and standards derived from having designed numerous scalable solutions. In my opinion, this is an excellent series of articles that contains “must have” list of elements for building scalable solutions in the cloud (and not only cloud!).

Szymon Warda

New Features in C# 7.0 – MSDN .NET Blog

There can be much said about functional languages. Some love them, some don't, but even they are impressed by the power of pattern matching. C# developers almost got it in version 6.0, but it was canceled at the last moment. Microsoft just announced features that will be implemented in C# 7.0 and pattern matching made it to the list.

The complete sum of my thoughts on an ALT.Net revival – jeremydmiller.com

A good article summing up two major topics in the past two weeks: ALT.NET and C# Renaissance. I agree strongly with this movement and think that .NET ecosystem needs a lot of fresh air and new projects trying different approaches on current problems. 

.NET Core Comes Quietly to Raspberry Pi - Thurrott

Moving .NET Core to Raspberry Pi might not seem like a significant move for anyone outside of IoT, but it is very important step towards moving to RISC architecture processors. Why is it important? Intel has officially confirmed that they have killed the TICK-TACK release cycle mainly because of problems with decreasing the transistor size. 8086 architecture is old and has become very complicated mostly due to maintaining backwards compatibility. RISC has gained a lot of traction thanks to demand for power in the mobile devices where TDP is very important. This move by Microsoft might open the gates to RISC based PC. 


Paweł Kot, Paweł Potasiński

Paweł Kot joined ITMAGINATION in November 2016 as Chief Enterprise Architect. He is responsible for combining business and technology perspectives. Paweł develops and implements innovative concepts that walk our clients through digital transformations. Paweł Potasiński assumed the position of Chief Data Architect at ITMAGINATION in March 2017. He is dedicated to transforming our clients into successful data-driven organizations. Paweł holds numerous professional certifications, including that of Microsoft Certified Solution Expert - Data Management and Analytics.

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