360° IT Check #33 — FastAPI Crowned Winner, Apple Making Changes In The App Store, And More!
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360° IT Check #33 — FastAPI Crowned Winner, Apple Making Changes In The App Store, And More!

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  • Apple allows for sharing unlisted apps now. The move could see AppStore decluttering;
  • FastAPI placed 1st in StackShare’s “Top 100+ Developer Tools of 2021.” The stack sharing platform based their ranking on their internal data;
  • Cloudflare is reaching out to all those impacted by the recent decision of the Austrian Data Protection Body with their Zaraz; it is a tool for all those looking for a Google Analytics alternative.

FastAPI Officially Crowned - The Results of StackShare’s Top Tools of 2021

StackShare, the platform where developers can share their sophisticated (definitely not overengineered) tech stacks, analyzed data from their platform to find top developer tools of 2021. The winner in the category of New Tools was… FastAPI. Even though the solution is ~3 years old, it found its way to the platform last year. It has even surpassed GitHub Copilot, which is an impressive feat.

When we asked, Sebastián Ramírez Montaño - the creator of FastAPI, did not have any comment in particular on the achievement, but added

I never expected it, but I'm so glad it's being useful to so many people! 🎉

Sami Ghoche, the CTO & Co-founder of Forethought, the company where the creator of the Python library works at, is proud of the achievement, congratulating Sebastián publicly on LinkedIn.

The Bottom Line

FastAPI is a tool that beat the hyped GitHub Copilot (!), Remix (!), vscode.dev (!). JetBrains Qodana, and Tabnine (!). The 2021 winner makes the Python ecosystem even more flexible, giving the community one more tool to create their APIs with. Some people, who have not heard of FastAPI will ask “why do I need another framework if I have Flask/Bottle.”

The answer is simple. The newer solution is faster and includes more things out of the box, while still being lean. 

If you need another reason why you should try out FastAPI, Vivek Tomer, Principal Data Scientist and an avid user of FastAPI said this:

[Sebastián] you are setting the standard for modern Python packages and beautiful documentation. The documentation is fantastic, and it makes me better at modern Python. Here is a piece of documentation that I find just beautiful :)

Please note, this is Vivek's personal opinion and does not reflect the opinions of his employer nor does it reflect an endorsement of FastAPI by Providence.

There is another story here as well. The evolution of Python, sometimes dreaded (the great Python 2 migration), brought changes that opened the door for developers to create and share code with type suggestions. This feature greatly increases chances of enterprise coders using Python in more, and more fields.

As a sidenote, don’t forget to upgrade your Python 3.6 development environments.

Apple Decluttering Its App Store

Developers may now unlist their apps from Apple’s App Store. The process is simple. Firstly, the app has to be stable (no beta apps will be accepted). They may then submit a form to have their submission unlisted, and then… wait for a decision.

The Bottom Line

While at first one may wonder why developers need the feature, there are some popular use cases. There are apps that guide conference attendees, acting as a schedule, a map, and more. Another use case, is a corporate app for internal use only, that for obvious reasons companies want hidden. As iOS does not allow for installation of apps from outside the official store, distribution of such software was problematic at the very least, if not impossible without breaking Terms & Conditions.

Keeping Analytics Data In The EU With Cloudflare

Austrian Data Protection Authority has recently decided it is illegal to use Google Analytics and other solutions of American companies under EU law. In the light of this event, Cloudflare reminded everybody that they offer an analytics solution that is compliant with EU law (more specifically the GDPR). 

Data that Cloudflare Zaraz gathers, is stored in the EU, and is not transferred outside the community. At the same time, the analytics solution will grow with new features coming in 2022.

The Bottom Line

July 2020 was a tough month for all American companies. The Court of Justice of the European Union invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield which regulated how data could be transferred to the USA, and back. The ruling has the nickname of “Schrems II.” 

As the recent decision surfaced, companies now face a choice: keep using Google Analytics and possibly face penalties for doing so, or change the solution. Cloudflare just reached out to help all of those in trouble with a free solution of their own.

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