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ITMAGINATION is a remote-first company operating out of the heart of Europe in Warsaw, Poland.

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IT Team Leader (hybrid from Warsaw, Poland)

16 000 - 27 000 PLN Net B2B + VAT
 EUR B2B Contract

Production Support Team Lead (hybrid from Warsaw, Poland)

16 000 - 24 000 PLN Net B2B + VAT
 EUR B2B Contract

Virtualization Engineer (hybrid from Warsaw, Poland)

24 000 - 27 000 PLN Net B2B + VAT
 EUR B2B Contract
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ITMAGINATION's Recruitment Process (EN)

Recruitment Process

Are you curious what happens after you submit your application?

It’s not a secret – here’s how our recruitment process looks like!

We have two main steps, really, that's it! The first step is an HR Interview, the second is the Technical Interview.

After that we'll be able to send you an offer if we're a fit.
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& Benefits

For your material needs

Highly Competitive Salary
Benefits Package Offering
Clear Career Progression & Path Customization

For your mind

Udemy For Business - More Than 5,000 Courses
Trainings & Certifications
Work On Cutting-Edge Tech
Challenging & Exciting International Projects

For your spirit

Fully Remote Work
Projects That Have A Real Impact On Others
Online Integration Sessions
Internal Mentorship
& Educational Meetings
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ITMAGINATION's Leadership Qualities

These are the core qualities that drive us to accelerate innovation and they represent what any person at ITMAGINATION and those who want to join our team should strive for.
Be positive.

Enthusiasm is contagious and makes everybody around look on the positive side – both clients and employees.

Seeing the glass as half full and surrounding ourselves with other positive people makes it easier to solve challenges and reach desired goals.

Focus on clients.

Be open to meet new people and build long-term trustworthy professional partnerships in a friendly atmosphere by keeping your promises and delivering high quality results to make ITMAGINATION a great place to work.

Lead by example.

Always employ better people than yourself and lead by example – share your life lessons to help others grow.

Never ask the team members to do what you wouldn’t do. Be open to feedback and give honest suggestions on what can be improved.

Take ownership.

Act as if you were the CEO with a growth mindset to take decisions and execute them successfully faster than your competition.

Visualize your goals and make them happen!


Remember that you are part of a team that is focused on shared growth goals which can be achieved only by working together.

Always learn.

Innovation always starts with curiosity. ITMAGINATION’s leaders have a constant habit of discovering and spreading knowledge with clients and employees to empower them to grow.

Deliver results.

ITMAGINATION’s leaders are hungry for success and have a deep desire to become successful people by setting, achieving and celebrating ambitious goals.

We work with
the world's leading brands

Over the years, we've worked with over 275 clients, most of which are international brands aiming to implement ambitious projects.

We've also been featured in both Deloitte’s Fast 50 CE and the Financial Times’ FT 1000 as one of the fastest growing IT companies in Central Europe.

Sounds impressive? Check out our job openings and join us, we're looking forward to having you on board!
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L'Oreal and Orange Clients List

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all your open roles fully remote?

Primarily, yes. We are a 100% remote-first company, unless a job opening specifically states otherwise, all our roles are 100% remote.

How long does the recruitment process take?

Anywhere between 1-2 weeks, and only includes 4 steps! You can find all these details above.As a quick summary, the steps are CV Review, HR Interview, Technical Interview, Feedback & Offer.

How is onboarding conducted?

Our onboarding is conducted 100% remotely! This includes sending you whatever equipment you need so that you'll be comfortable and able to perform at your best no matter where you're located.

How do I apply for a job at ITMAGINATION?

Just go to any job opening on our open jobs page and click on the "Apply Now" button! It will take you only 2-3 minutes to submit your application.

You only need to fill in a few basic details and upload your CV and that's all. We want to respect your time, so we won't ask you to refill all your details and spend 20 minutes applying 😃.

We are making ITMAGINATION a great place to work, check out what our people love about working at ITMAGINATION below.

At ITMAGINATION, everyone has the potential accelerate innovation around them. But realizing that potential takes more than good technology, it takes a partnership with people you can trust, who empower and inspire you.

That’s exactly who we are and what this company is built on. It speaks not only to our clients, but also to every member of our team.
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