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Air Taxis, the Power Struggles Behind Your Browser, and Trouble with Facial Recognition Tech

Will we be flying home from work soon? What happens when browsers compete? What are the pitfalls of facial recognition? Keep reading to get the answers!

Exploring a New .NET Mainstay

In the world of Cloud computing and serverless architecture, every nanosecond of execution time makes a difference when someone has to pay for it. Microsoft seems to notice this, and the new version of .NET Core pays more attention to performance, focusing on value types over reference types.

A Short History of the Browser User-Agent String

When you check your browser’s user-agent, you often find a total mess. This condition has a very interesting backstory, full of cutthroat competition!

Picking the Low-Hanging Passwords

People, take care of your passwords! I have no idea why we need to say it again, but people and portals keep getting hacked. Check the link for an interesting study, and listen to this recent podcast from (in Polish).

Facial Recognition Issues

Sticking to our security theme, here are some of the most common security issues with facial recognition tech.

Kitty Hawk Prototypes Air Taxi

Last but not least, here’s a short movie about the most recent air taxi prototype. It looks like a huge innovation, and I can’t wait to try it myself!


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