Android 14 - What's New and What to Expect
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Android 14 - What's New and What to Expect

The most recent version of Android, Android 14, is about to be released. Even though app developers aren't particularly excited about it, the largest operating system in the world is going to offer us some cool new features. The most recent version is not going to be the most interesting one in any way. Nevertheless, every new change presents an opportunity to enhance the quality of your software, product, or service. For that, you typically need to have an intimate knowledge of the platform.  

This is where we enter the picture. Our skilled and knowledgeable professionals can give you access to top-tier Android programming services that will assist you in accomplishing your organizational objectives. We have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals, whether they involve developing a brand-new app from the ground up or enhancing an existing one. In the following blog post, we will discuss some of the new features that have been included in the most recent version of Google's operating system.  

You have arrived at the correct location if you are interested in receiving the most recent information regarding the impending launch of Google's newest iteration of their mobile operating system.  

Let's get underway!

Release Schedule and Previews

With Android 14, Google has adhered to a release timetable that is very similar to that of previous versions of Android. The business distributed two different developer previews, the first of which was distributed in the month of February, and the second of which was distributed in the month of March.  

The first test version is anticipated to be made available in April, and the full version is likely to be made available in May after that. Google has a history of holding back some of the most fascinating changes that will affect users for the release that coincides with its annual developer conference, Google I/O, which will take place on May 10th this year.  

All New Major Features Mentioned

Android 14 promises to bring a range of new features and improvements, including:

- Screenshot detection

- Improved battery life

- Smarter text scaling

- Notification flashes

- All notifications will become dismissable

- Better support for large screens

- Restricting photo and video access

- Enhanced security

- Regional preferences

- Satellite connectivity

- Predictive back gestures

- App cloning

- Health connect

- Improve share options

While some of these were already in some producers’ custom UI extensions, such as Samsung’s One UI or Xiaomi’s MIUI, but they weren’t included in the “clean” version of Android. The fact that they will be included in the main version will lead to a more universal experience for all users of the most popular operating system.  

Top 6 New Features

It seems as if there is a ton of new exciting features coming. Which ones are the most significant? We picked five we will showcase.

1. Predictive Back Gestures

Android 14 is set to introduce predictive back gestures, offering users a more intuitive navigation experience. This feature will display new animations showing the next screen users will navigate to when using the back gesture. However, app developers will need to build support for this feature, so it won't be enabled for all apps by default.  

The predictive back navigation is currently available as an experimental feature in Android 13's developer options for some apps like Google Phone and Google News.

2. Improved Battery Life

These pesky services running in the background can take a toll on your battery. That’s why Google started to work on the issue. This includes reserving foreground services for high-priority tasks, allowing developers to create more complex rules for background tasks, and optimizing the internal broadcast system. Additionally, new Google Play policies will enforce the use of more restrictive APIs. To emphasize the battery life improvements, Android 14 will prominently display screen-on time in the system setting's battery stats.

3. Bloatware Removal

Google is taking steps to address the issue of unwanted bloatware on Android phones. In a hidden system settings section, there is a new option called "Apps installed in the background." This option will display a list of apps that were installed in the background by carriers or manufacturer partners. By making these apps visible and easily accessible, users will have the ability to quickly remove any unnecessary bloatware from their devices, leading to a cleaner and more streamlined user experience. This feature demonstrates Google's commitment to improving user control over their devices and reducing the impact of unwanted pre-installed apps.

4. Security Enhancements

Google's second Android 14 Developer Preview is set to introduce changes to PIN authentication, balancing security and convenience. A new feature, spotted by Android expert Mishaal Rahman, allows Android to accept a valid PIN code without manually hitting submit. However, this may enable attackers to brute-force the final digit of a PIN. To mitigate this risk, Android 14 will only offer this feature if the PIN is at least six digits long, with Google advising users that longer PINs are more secure. The update comes after recent reports highlighted the ease of stealing Google accounts with only a four-digit PIN.
If you don’t already have a 6-digit PIN code, we highly advise you to change it to a longer one.

5. Independent Share Menu Updates

Google is working on improving the Android system share sheet experience and may potentially unbundle it from system updates, starting with Android 14. This change would allow the share sheet to be updated more rapidly via Play Services, leading to a more consistent experience across devices from different manufacturers. Currently, the share sheet's functionality and design vary widely among devices, but this new approach would give Google more control and streamline the user experience. As a result, it could make it easier for customers to switch between phones. Although Android 14 is the most likely candidate for this feature, it remains to be seen if Google will implement this new approach in the upcoming version of Android.

6. New Credential Manager API

Google's upcoming Android 14 aims to simplify the sign-in experience across various authentication methods with the new Credential Manager API. Available to app developers in alpha, this Jetpack API unifies the sign-in interface for methods such as username/password and federated sign-in solutions, making it easier for users to access their accounts.  

The Credential Manager API aggregates all available sign-in options into one list while deduplicating entries for the same account. This allows users to focus on selecting the account without needing to understand the underlying sign-in technology. Additionally, the API supports passkeys, a new industry standard for passwordless authentication, which offers enhanced security compared to traditional username and password combinations.

Users can create passkeys for apps and store them in Google Password Manager, which syncs across devices signed into the same Google account for a seamless experience. As the Credential Manager API is currently in alpha for developers, it may take some time before the unified sign-in experience is available on Android devices.


In conclusion, Android 14 is gearing up to bring several exciting features and improvements to enhance the user experience. With predictive back gestures, improved battery life, bloatware removal, and independent share menu updates, the upcoming release promises to streamline navigation, optimize performance, and provide a more consistent experience across devices. As app developers and businesses prepare for these changes, our team of experienced professionals is here to help you navigate the new features and stay ahead of the competition. Stay tuned for more updates on Android 14 and its potential impact on the mobile ecosystem. Embrace the future of Android with us as we continue to explore and adapt to the ever-evolving world of mobile technology.

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