From Asset Tracking & Autonomous Delivery to Elderly Care - 31 Practical Applications of Amazon Sidewalk Your Can Build Today
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From Asset Tracking & Autonomous Delivery to Elderly Care - 31 Practical Applications of Amazon Sidewalk Your Can Build Today

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I. Introduction

Brief overview of Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon Sidewalk is a shared network designed to enhance the performance of smart devices by providing low-power, low-bandwidth, and long-range connectivity.

With this technology, devices like Amazon Echo, Ring Security Cameras, and many other IoT devices can extend their reach, improve their functionality, and help users reap unique benefits. Currently available in the United States, Amazon Sidewalk's impressive coverage ensures more than 90% of the US population can access this public network.

The role of shared networks in enhancing device performance

Shared networks play a vital role in today's connected world by strengthening and extending the capabilities of smart devices. Amazon Sidewalk, in particular, leverages a low-bandwidth network to create stronger connections between devices and offer enhanced performance.

As more people participate in the Amazon Sidewalk network, the strength of these connections grows, enabling seamless communication even when devices are outside the range of traditional home Wi-Fi networks. By harnessing the power of this robust shared network, digital products and solutions can be developed for a wide range of innovative use cases that benefit users and businesses alike.

II. The Benefits of Amazon Sidewalk

Extended connectivity and improved device performance

Amazon Sidewalk offers extended connectivity, significantly improving the performance of various smart devices.

By utilizing low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) technology, Sidewalk ensures gadgets that require less data can maintain a strong connection without relying on expensive LTE or 5G connectivity.

This enhanced connectivity has proven beneficial for devices such as Ring cameras and Level smart locks, providing them with a stable connection even when Wi-Fi access is limited. As more people participate in the Sidewalk network, the connections between devices grow stronger, making this advantage even more prominent.

Locating lost items with tracker devices

One of the key benefits of Amazon Sidewalk is that it enables users to locate lost items using compatible tracker devices like Tile.

By connecting these trackers to the Sidewalk network, users can easily locate misplaced items both inside and outside their homes. This functionality extends beyond traditional smart home networks, bridging the gap between smart home and smart city applications.

Bridging the gap between smart homes and smart cities

Amazon Sidewalk is not only designed to improve existing device performance but also to pave the way for innovative and dynamic smart home and smart city solutions. By offering blanket coverage, Sidewalk can help monitor moving devices like dog trackers and package trackers, allowing users to keep track of their belongings even when they are on the move.

This feature provides an invaluable link between individual smart homes and a broader smart city infrastructure, fostering a seamless and connected ecosystem for future digital products and solutions.

III. How Amazon Sidewalk works

Sidewalk Bridge devices and their role in creating a low-bandwidth network

Amazon Sidewalk relies on Sidewalk Bridge devices, which include Echo Show 10, Echo, Echo Dot smart speakers, and wired Ring spotlight and floodlight cameras, to create a low-bandwidth shared network.

These Bridge devices share a small portion of users' internet bandwidth, which is pooled together to support extended coverage and connectivity for all Sidewalk-enabled devices in the community. As the number of participating Bridges increases, the network becomes even stronger and more efficient.

The different types of devices that can connect to Amazon Sidewalk

Various devices can benefit from connecting to Amazon Sidewalk, ranging from smart security and lighting solutions to pet tracking systems, weather stations, soil moisture sensors, and package trackers.

Devices authorized by Amazon can connect to Sidewalk's low-bandwidth network, providing a cost-effective alternative for gadgets that do not require high-bandwidth connections such as Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Ensuring privacy and security in Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon Sidewalk has been designed with multiple layers of privacy and security to protect users' data as it travels across the network. Preserving customer privacy and security is fundamental to the infrastructure of Amazon Sidewalk.

Information transferred over Sidewalk Bridges is encrypted, ensuring that Bridge owners do not have access to data from devices connected to their network. This approach guarantees a secure and private experience for all users who opt into the Amazon Sidewalk network.

IV. What Solutions Can You Build With Amazon Sidewalk?

There will be many new business opportunities that will open up thanks to Amazon Sidewalk’s capabilities. Here are some digital products and solutions that are well suited to be built on top of Amazon Sidewalk.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Asset tracking and inventory management: Businesses can benefit from Amazon Sidewalk by integrating it into asset tracking and inventory management systems.

This enables real-time monitoring of valuable assets or inventory within warehouses, retail stores, or other facilities, ensuring efficient operations and preventing theft or loss of items.

Autonomous delivery systems: The extended range and connectivity offered by Amazon Sidewalk can be utilized for the development of autonomous delivery systems, such as sidewalk robots or drones.

These systems could efficiently transport packages, groceries, or even medical supplies to customers within a local area. By leveraging Amazon Sidewalk's connectivity, these delivery devices can navigate safely and communicate with each other, ensuring timely and reliable deliveries while reducing the need for traditional delivery vehicles.

Asset recovery solutions: Sidewalk-enabled asset recovery devices can be developed to help users quickly locate and recover lost or stolen valuable items like bicycles, luggage, or electronic equipment.

These devices can provide real-time location updates and alerts through the Sidewalk network, increasing the chances of successful recovery.

Consumer Products: Personal & Community

Personal item trackers: Devices that help consumers locate misplaced belongings, such as keys, wallets, or backpacks, by connecting to the Amazon Sidewalk network for extended coverage and real-time location updates.

Smart door locks: Sidewalk-enabled door locks that offer improved connectivity and remote access, ensuring secure entry and locking options for homeowners without relying solely on Wi-Fi.

Neighborhood safety network: Amazon Sidewalk can be utilized to create a neighborhood safety network by connecting security cameras, motion sensors, or smoke detectors across multiple homes.

This system would allow neighbors to share security alerts and notifications, contributing to a safer community environment and faster response times in case of emergencies or security threats.

Pet tracking and monitoring systems: Pet owners can benefit from the creation of advanced pet tracking and monitoring systems that utilize Amazon Sidewalk's connectivity features. These devices can provide real-time location updates and monitor pet health, ensuring the safety and well-being of pets even when they are beyond the range of traditional home Wi-Fi networks.

Mailbox sensors for real-time notifications: With Sidewalk-powered mailbox sensors, users can receive instant notifications when mail is delivered, even if their mailbox is located far from their home's Wi-Fi range. This provides added convenience and peace of mind for homeowners.

Bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle theft prevention: Devices that detect unauthorized movement of bicycles, scooters, or motorcycles and send real-time alerts to owners, leveraging the extended range of Amazon Sidewalk to track and recover stolen bikes.

Outdoor security cameras: Cameras that utilize the Amazon Sidewalk network to provide extended coverage with better connectivity, ensuring smooth live feeds and alerts even in areas with limited Wi-Fi access.

Leak sensors to prevent water damage: Utilizing Amazon Sidewalk for leak sensors can help homeowners detect water leaks both inside and outside their homes, preventing costly water damage and ensuring the timely resolution of potential issues.

Smart parking management: Amazon Sidewalk can be integrated into a smart parking management system that monitors the availability of parking spots in real-time.

This would allow drivers to find available parking spaces easily, while also enabling city officials to optimize parking space utilization and manage traffic flow more effectively.

Enhanced fitness wearables: Fitness tracking devices that monitor users' physical activities and health metrics, leveraging the enhanced connectivity provided by Amazon Sidewalk to deliver real-time data and insights both indoors and outdoors.


Emergency alert systems: Personal safety devices, like panic buttons or smartwatches, that can send emergency alerts through the Amazon Sidewalk network, even when Wi-Fi or cellular network connections are unavailable, ensuring users receive help when needed.

Connected cooking solutions for outdoor cooking: Long-range connected cooking appliances using Amazon Sidewalk can revolutionize outdoor cooking experiences. Users can monitor their cooking progress without having to rely on unstable Wi-Fi connections, ensuring perfectly cooked meals every time.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Elderly care monitoring system: A Sidewalk-enabled wearable device can be designed to monitor the health and location of elderly individuals, enabling caregivers and family members to respond promptly in case of emergencies or health issues.

This system could provide real-time alerts and facilitate communication between the elderly person and their caregivers.

Remote health monitoring: Sidewalk-enabled health monitoring devices can be developed to help patients and healthcare providers track various health parameters remotely, such as heart rate, blood pressure, or glucose levels.

This can enable better management of chronic conditions, early detection of potential health issues, and overall improved patient outcomes.

Smart irrigation systems: Utilizing Amazon Sidewalk for smart irrigation systems can help optimize water usage in gardens, parks, or agricultural fields.

Through connecting soil moisture sensors and weather data to Sidewalk, the system can automatically adjust watering schedules based on real-time conditions, conserving water and promoting healthy plant growth.

Entertainment, Hotels, Restaurants and Catering (HoReCa)

Crowd management and event monitoring: Amazon Sidewalk can be used to develop crowd management and event monitoring solutions for concerts, festivals, or large gatherings.

By deploying Sidewalk-enabled sensors, event organizers can track foot traffic patterns and identify potential bottlenecks or safety concerns to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for attendees.

Visitor tracking and analytics for retail and public spaces: Connecting visitor tracking devices or sensors to Amazon Sidewalk can help businesses analyze foot traffic patterns in retail spaces or public areas like museums, parks, or event venues.

By gathering and analyzing this data, businesses can optimize their layouts, staffing, and marketing strategies to improve visitor experience and increase revenue.

Energy & Green Energy

Solar panel controllers for energy management: Integrating Amazon Sidewalk into solar panel controllers can offer users a more efficient and reliable way to monitor and manage their solar energy systems, optimizing their energy consumption and savings.

Non-Profit, Public Sector, and Government

Smart utility meters: By leveraging Amazon Sidewalk connectivity, smart utility meters for electricity, water, or gas consumption can be developed to provide real-time usage data.

This information can help consumers better understand their consumption patterns, promote energy and water conservation, and facilitate accurate billing from utility companies.

Public transportation tracking: Amazon Sidewalk can be integrated into public transportation tracking systems, providing real-time location updates for buses, trams, or other public transit vehicles.

This would enable commuters to access accurate arrival times and reduce waiting periods, improving the overall public transportation experience.

Waste management and recycling system: By leveraging the network capabilities of Amazon Sidewalk, smart waste bins and recycling containers can be developed to monitor fill levels, optimize waste collection routes, and reduce operational costs for waste management companies or city services.

Environmental monitoring system: Amazon Sidewalk can be used to develop a network of sensors that monitor air quality, noise levels, and other environmental factors in real-time.

This information could help city planners make informed decisions regarding urban development, pollution control, and public health initiatives.

Emergency response system: By leveraging Amazon Sidewalk's connectivity features, an emergency response system can be developed to provide immediate alerts and assistance during natural disasters, accidents, or security threats.

This system could transmit crucial information to first responders and help coordinate rescue and relief efforts in affected areas.

Smart street lighting: Amazon Sidewalk can be integrated into smart street lighting systems that optimize energy usage and enhance public safety.

By connecting streetlights to the Sidewalk network, lighting can be automatically adjusted based on real-time conditions, such as time of day or pedestrian traffic, resulting in energy savings and improved public safety.

Wildlife monitoring and conservation: Amazon Sidewalk can be used for developing wildlife monitoring and conservation systems.

By deploying connected sensors and cameras in natural habitats, researchers can gather valuable data on animal behavior, migration patterns, and population dynamics, which can contribute to more effective conservation efforts.

Smart city infrastructure monitoring: Amazon Sidewalk can be used to develop smart city infrastructure monitoring solutions that track the performance, maintenance needs, and potential issues of various city assets, like bridges, roads, or tunnels.

This can help city officials make informed decisions regarding infrastructure investments, repairs, and upgrades.

Weather and air quality monitoring: Amazon Sidewalk can be integrated into a network of weather and air quality monitoring sensors, providing real-time data on temperature, humidity, air pressure, and pollution levels.

This information can be valuable for researchers, city planners, and individuals seeking to understand local weather conditions and take appropriate precautions when necessary.

Disaster management and early warning systems: Amazon Sidewalk can be utilized for developing disaster management and early warning systems that detect potential risks from natural disasters like earthquakes, wildfires, or floods.

With interconnected sensors and communication capabilities, these systems can provide timely alerts to residents in affected areas, enabling them to take preventive measures and evacuate when necessary.

V. Get Started as a Sidewalk Device Developer

Accessing the Sidewalk Developer Console

Device manufacturers interested in creating Sidewalk-enabled devices can access the Sidewalk Developer Console for detailed information and resources. The Sidewalk Developer Console offers a wealth of knowledge, including documentation, SDKs, HDKs, and device provisioning tools for creating and launching devices that work with Amazon Sidewalk.

Utilizing the Sidewalk Developer Service (SDS) for creating Sidewalk-enabled devices

The Sidewalk Developer Service (SDS) provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources that help device manufacturers develop and launch Sidewalk-enabled devices. Through SDS, manufacturers can access approved silicon chipsets, development boards, software development kits (SDKs), device provisioning tools, and technical documentation.

Furthermore, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core for Sidewalk allows developers to connect devices quickly and efficiently. While only the AWS cloud service can directly receive data transmitted via Amazon Sidewalk, developers have the flexibility to move their device data from AWS to another cloud service if needed.

With these powerful tools and resources at their disposal, manufacturers can develop innovative digital products that make the most of Amazon Sidewalk's unique capabilities.

VI. Conclusion

The widespread adoption of Amazon Sidewalk presents a significant opportunity for businesses and developers to create innovative digital solutions that cater to various user needs. By harnessing the power of this advanced shared network, companies can develop cutting-edge products that improve connectivity, enhance device performance, and bridge the gap between smart homes and smart cities. The unique capabilities of Amazon Sidewalk have the potential to revolutionize industries, paving the way for a more connected and efficient future.

As a leader in custom software development and digital transformation, ITMAGINATION is committed to helping businesses navigate the rapidly evolving world of connected devices and IoT.

By partnering with ITMAGINATION, businesses can leverage the potential of Amazon Sidewalk in creating innovative digital products that not only address their unique goals but also exceed customer expectations. Together with ITMAGINATION, your business can embrace the future of connected devices and unlock the full potential of Amazon Sidewalk for driving growth, innovation, and success.

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