Build Custom AI Apps with Azure OpenAI Service
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Build Custom AI Apps with Azure OpenAI Service

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Using ChatGPT, you may either use the standard UI or develop your turbo-charged version tailored to your specific needs. The world of artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving, and with it comes an array of tools and services that can significantly enhance software development. One such service that stands out is Azure OpenAI, a powerful platform that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure's cloud capabilities.

The objective of this blog post is to delve into the intricacies of building custom applications using Azure OpenAI. Whether you're looking to implement augmented retrieval mechanisms, work with complex workflows, or even build an entire site with a user-friendly interface, Azure OpenAI has got you covered.

Stay with us as we explore the key features, real-world applications, and step-by-step guides on how to leverage Azure OpenAI for your next big project. By the end of this post, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of why Azure OpenAI is a robust and versatile choice for developing custom applications that are not just intelligent but also highly scalable and efficient.

So, let's embark on this journey to unlock the full potential of custom applications made with Azure OpenAI.

Why Azure OpenAI?

In the ever-expanding landscape of artificial intelligence, choosing the right platform for your custom application can be a daunting task. Azure OpenAI stands out as a compelling choice for several reasons, and in this section, we'll explore why it should be on your radar.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Azure

Azure OpenAI is not just another standalone AI service; it's a part of the larger Microsoft Azure ecosystem. This means you can easily integrate it with other Azure services like Azure Storage, Azure Functions, and Azure Kubernetes Service, to name a few. The seamless integration allows for a more streamlined development process, making it easier to build, deploy, and scale your custom applications.

Rich Set of Features

Azure OpenAI offers a plethora of features that can be leveraged for custom applications. From augmented retrieval and embeddings to Vector DB and complex workflows, the platform provides a comprehensive set of tools that can cater to a wide range of use-cases. These features not only make your application smarter but also reduce the time and effort required in the development phase.

Security and Compliance

When it comes to enterprise-grade applications, security is a paramount concern. Azure OpenAI is built with security in mind, offering features like data encryption, secure endpoints, and compliance certifications. This ensures that your custom application is not just intelligent but also secure.


One of the major advantages of using Azure OpenAI is its scalability. As your application grows, Azure OpenAI can easily scale to meet the increasing demands, whether it's more data, higher computational power, or more complex algorithms. This makes it a future-proof choice for businesses looking to invest in AI-driven custom applications.

Community and Support

Last but not least, the strong community and support ecosystem around Azure OpenAI make it easier for developers to find solutions to their problems, learn best practices, and even contribute to the platform's growth. Microsoft offers extensive documentation, tutorials, and customer support to help you at every step of your development journey.  

Key Features of Azure OpenAI

Azure OpenAI is packed with a variety of features that make it a versatile platform for developing custom applications. In this section, we'll delve into some of the most impactful features that can significantly enhance the capabilities of your application.

Augmented Retrieval

Augmented Retrieval is a feature that allows you to search through large datasets with high accuracy. It uses machine learning algorithms to understand the context and semantics of the data, providing more relevant results compared to traditional search algorithms.


  • Customer Support: Improve the efficiency of your customer support bots by retrieving the most relevant solutions to customer queries.
  • Content Discovery: Enhance the user experience on your platform by suggesting highly relevant articles, videos, or products.


What are Embeddings?

In the context of machine learning and AI, embeddings are vectors that represent objects in a continuous vector space. These vectors capture the semantic meaning of the objects, making it easier for algorithms to understand and process them.

How Azure OpenAI Supports Embedding

Azure OpenAI provides tools for generating and utilizing embeddings in your custom applications. This can be particularly useful for natural language processing tasks, recommendation systems, and more.

Vector DB

Vector databases allow you to store and manage vectors efficiently. They are optimized for high-speed retrieval and are crucial when working with large sets of embeddings.

Utilizing Vector DB in Azure OpenAI

Azure OpenAI's Vector DB feature allows you to store, query, and manage your embeddings in an efficient manner. This is particularly useful when you have a large dataset and need to perform quick and accurate retrievals.

Complex Workflows

AI projects often involve multiple steps like data collection, preprocessing, training, and deployment. Managing these steps can become complex and time-consuming.

Simplifying Workflows with Azure OpenAI

Azure OpenAI offers tools that simplify these complex workflows. From data ingestion to model deployment, the platform provides a streamlined process that makes it easier to go from idea to implementation.

By leveraging these key features, you can build custom applications that are not only intelligent but also efficient and user-friendly. In the next sections, we'll look at some real-world applications and provide a step-by-step guide on how to build your own custom application using Azure OpenAI.

Case Studies

Take Blip

Take Blip, a leading provider of AI-driven customer experience technology, is leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Services to streamline its platform. The platform eliminates data silos and stores all customer-brand interactions in a single place, enabling brands to analyze data and predict the best next interaction with each individual. This strategy improves the customer experience and accelerates product roadmaps.

Take Blip's platform also supports Azure Cognitive Services, such as conversational language understanding and question answering. By utilizing Azure OpenAI Service and Cognitive Services, Take Blip aims to promote personalized, fluid, and instantaneous conversations throughout the consumer journey. As more customers engage with brands through AI-led messaging, they expect to see increased conversion rates for sales and service.

The platform's first successful implementation involved integrating GPT-3 into one of Take Blip's chatbots, resulting in a successful marketing campaign with over 15,000 users creating meaningful holiday messages. The use of Azure OpenAI Service has doubled chatbot skills development productivity, making Take Blip future-ready and giving them a competitive edge in the customer experience technology marketplace.


Montreal-based Radish Cooperative has created a cloud-native, vertically integrated digital platform built on Microsoft Azure services. The co-op model ensures that all members, including restaurants, couriers, and customers, have an added stake in ensuring quality and efficiency. Radish offers integrated marketing, HR, and ordering services to its members, reducing food waste and boosting business. Launched just before the pandemic, Radish currently delivers food from over 140 restaurants and local shops in Montreal. The platform handles multiple workloads and relies on Azure services like GitHub, Azure Application Gateway, App Service, Container Registry, Notification Hubs, Content Delivery Network, Redis Cache, and Azure OpenAI Service.


Azure OpenAI's seamless integration with Microsoft Azure, rich set of features like Augmented Retrieval, Embeddings, Vector DB, and tools for simplifying complex workflows make it a superb choice for any organization looking to harness the power of AI.

Through real-world applications, we've seen how Azure OpenAI can revolutionize customer support, content recommendation, workflow automation, and even healthcare. These examples serve as a testament to the platform's versatility and capability to solve a wide array of problems across various industries.

The importance of making informed choices about the technologies we adopt cannot be overstated. Azure OpenAI offers not just a set of advanced AI tools but also the reliability and support of a platform backed by one of the technology world's most reputable names—Microsoft.

So, whether you're a seasoned developer or a business leader looking to innovate, Azure OpenAI offers a comprehensive toolkit to help you build intelligent, efficient, and impactful custom applications. It's time to embark on your journey with Azure OpenAI and unlock the full potential of what AI can offer. We would love to be a part of your next project.

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