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Deleting Facebook, Self-Testing Your Database, and a New Performance Visualization Tool from Netflix

Should you deep-six your Facebook account? What’s the best way to test your databases? What is “FlameScope” and why do you need it? Keep reading – the answers are all here!

Automatic Unit Testing in .Net Core and Code Coverage in Visual Studio Code

You don’t need shiny, fancy, paid tools to support automatic test running. Everything you need is provided in Visual Studio Code and its magical extensions!

What Is This, and Can I Delete It? A Closer Look at a Default ASP.NET MVC Project

Is this file necessary? Can I delete it? Everything you would like to know about cleaning default ASP.NET MVC projects.

Self-testing Your Database

Testing your code isn’t strictly bound to web and window apps. Often, part of application logic is put into databases, and it should be tested as well. Here’s how to do it!

Time to Delete Facebook?

This campaign has flooded the Internet, because people are worried about the use of their data by Facebook. Here is an opinion on this movement (in Polish), which reveals something that not everyone may be aware of.

How to Break a Captcha with Machine Learning

Something for techies – a detailed explanation of how ML can break captchas. Have fun!

Coming Soon to Netflix – FlameScope

It’s not about the VoD business this time! The folks at Netflix have released an intriguing performance visualization tool for analyzing variance, perturbations, and other time-based issues. Try it yourself!

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