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Developer Survey Results, Image Discovery at Netflix, and Text Mining in Ted Talks

What can the annual Stack Overflow developer survey teach us? How does Netflix find the perfect preview frames from movies? How can you locate the perfect TED talk? Keep reading for all the answers!

Developer Survey Results

The results of the annual Stack Overflow developer survey are here! Get to know a typical developer profile and find out which technologies are the most loved (and dreaded!)

API Vision – Beyond the Obvious

Imagine that you have plenty of photos you need to categorize. Will you do it manually or use technology to make it faster? Cognitive Services is here to help!

Tips for Enterprises Migrating or Adopting Git

Microsoft migrated their largest code repository (with 20+ years of history) to Git. Afterward, they collected the lessons learned and shared them with their community.

Image Discovery at Netflix

Do you ever wonder how Netflix can be so good at sourcing the best frames from movies to show you as you browse? There’s a very good explanation!

Text Mining in TED Talks

There’s a problem that anyone who like TED Talks is aware of…there are just too many talks! Which one should we watch? Is there a way to increase the probability we’re going to like it? This article has answers.

Building Better Data Tables

Data isn’t only about content – no matter how valuable it is, the ease of analyzing it is crucial! I’m sure you’ve heard of the most beautiful dashboards and charts, but have you considered a deep dive into the construction of the most basic controls – tables?

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