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ITMAGINATION Is Awarded The Great Place To Work® Certificate For The Second Year In A Row

ITMAGINATION has been awarded the Great Place to Work® certificate for the second time in a row. This is a prestigious award from the American institute, which, as a result of researching the opinions of our employees, shows that we have a great atmosphere and favorable working conditions in our House of Innovators. In 2020, we improved our overall results in all major categories (Trust Index, Credibility, Respect, Honesty, Pride, Companionship), reaching values ​​close to the level of 15 leading companies in Poland. In this edition of the WSE, our team showed that such a survey is a good opportunity to express their opinions and became even more involved in filling in the survey.

Why we participated

At ITMAGINATION, we decided to take part in the Great Place to Work® survey to improve the quality of working conditions and meet our team’s expectations. Great Place to Work® Institute Inc. has been operating since 1992 and conducts research among companies from 150 countries worldwide. For the first time, our company took part in the survey in 2019. Thanks to positive feedback from the team, we received the Great Place to Work® certificate on our first attempt.

The year 2020 was not easy in terms of business and human resources management due to the coronavirus epidemic. Still, honest information from our employees allowed us to make difficult decisions with much greater awareness. Motivated to improve working conditions in ITMAGINATION and the desire to care for our employees, we decided to participate in the next Great Place to Work® study. We decided to re-examine the opinion, and this decision was very accurate. The positive results are a distinction for all of us.

Results from the past year

ITMAGINATION improved its overall score in all major categories of the survey compared to 2019/2020. In addition, we are much closer to the top 15 Polish companies from 2020:

great place to work

Comparison to the Top 15

Looking in detail at the strongest points of our company, we can boast of the fact that there are areas where we obtained better results than the Top 15 companies from last year: our managers do not favor anyone and trust their employees, managers keep employees informed about important matters, the team receives a fair wage, each employee can take a day off if he needs it, our company provides the resources and equipment necessary for work, and employees do not make arrangements.

great place to work2

At the same level as in the Top 15, our employees believe that customers would rate our service as excellent and that people are treated equally regardless of age, race, and nationality.

Where did we improve the most

It is also worth highlighting the areas where we recorded the most significant positive changes relative to 2019/2020:

great place to work3

What we still can change

Despite improvements in many areas, there are still at least a few areas where we can do better. According to the results from 2020, we should pay special attention to enabling employees to celebrate various occasions, do more for society, and give employees the feeling that they matter to us and stay with ITMAGINATION for a long time.


We are proud that our employees perceive work at ITMAGINATION in this way. Thanks to such research, we know well what moods prevail in the team, how our specialists’ needs are changing, and how we can create our House of Innovators so that it becomes the perfect Great Place to Work®.

You can also build a great working atmosphere in our company. We invite you to follow the ads and apply. See you at the job interview!

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