Udemy & Upskilling at ITMAGINATION
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Udemy & Upskilling at ITMAGINATION

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There are three sure things in the world. Death, taxes, and change. Since change is the only constant, and is inevitable, we need to keep adapting and learning. It just so happens, that if there’s anything you want to learn in the world, then it’s very likely that you’ll find a course from Udemy on that very topic. Due to its breadth, it’s an irreplaceable source of current knowledge.

Here at ITMAGINATION, we are aware of that, and we offer subscriptions for each employee who wishes to stay relevant. Together as a company, we have watched 5628 hours and 43 minutes of the educational content from the platform. That’s an equivalent of 235 days (!) spent learning non-stop. Perhaps more importantly, almost 94% of respondents admitted the education platform was useful to them.

Check out Anna's full statement below 👇

What have we been learning?

Technical Content

Being a software development company, the breakdown is (unsurprisingly) skewed towards topics from programming and computer science:

  • Over 190 IT certifications
  • Over 180 web development courses
  • Over 130 courses on Cloud Certification
  • Over 110 courses in Development Tools
  • More than 100 courses in Programming Languages

The most popular course, overall, was on Cloud, and Cloud concepts. It was Scott Duffy’s “AZ-204: Developing for Microsoft Azure Exam Prep”, while the highest rated was “AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Prep” – of the same author.

“Soft Skills”

Of course, one cannot neglect their personal growth and development in areas regarded as “soft skills.” Firstly, they say that “hard” competencies get your foot in the door, and “soft” skills let you stay.  

Efficient communication or leadership are essential skills in modern workplaces: something that our innovators have recognized. Secondly, your work is not your life. It is more or less a third of it. Another third we may dedicate to our personal lives. It is not surprising, then, that our team also commonly opted into taking courses expanding their knowledge on arts & creativity. We do have some talented individuals among us, that love sharing their talents.

Our Achievements

Once you complete a course, it earns you a certificate from an instructor. As a result of Udemy use, our team members have earned numerous proofs of completion. One hundred ninety to be precise. Here is what some of our team members had to say about that: 

Though they have received their certifications, they were not in the lead when it comes to hours watching the course. This title belongs to somebody else. In the third place we have Anna Stępień (Senior Software Analyst) with 187h 39 min having completed over 16 courses. In the second place there is Ivan Ivanov (.NET Developer) with 191h 35 min, which translates to 1735 lectures. The winner outclasses their colleagues with 60 hours more than Ivan, clocking in at 251h and 30 min. Her name is Joanna Samsel (Data Developer). Joanna spent a total of over 10 days (!) on upskilling, and education. Congratulations to our Udemy champion!

One of our medalists, Anna Stępień (Senior Software Analyst), shared her thoughts about the platform with us:

I just realized that on Udemy there is a goldmine of [useful] information, not only in professional but also personal life. It is a great alternative to watching TV or YouTube. There is a really high level of [quality] content on Udemy.

I found fascinating courses in the field[s] of, e.g., psychology or personal finance. When I find time, I already have plans to watch more courses on music theory, for example.

Thanks to the frequent viewing of the content in English, I can see that my listening comprehension has improved 😊.

[...] I encourage everyone to use it [Udemy]. 

Certainly, Udemy’s mobile app makes it super easy to stay educated on the go. Learning is a great alternative to starting at a window. Moreover, as bus rides can be even 45 minutes long [sic!] for some, that gives you time to finish a whole chapter of a course!

Upskilling, and staying on top of trends, is being ready for the future, and whatever it might bring. It’s a necessity which is neglected by some professionals. Luckily, the innovators of ITMAGINATION recognize the need for staying on top of tech developments, and are right on the avant-garde of IT shifts. Needless to say, none of this would have been possible without Udemy’s rich platform.

If you're someone who enjoys upskilling and learning on the job, make sure to check out our open job opportunities!

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