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UTERM Users in a New Era of Customer Loyalty

UTERM marks the dawn of a new era of customer retention. It lets clients gain and manage customers more effectively, register sales faster, and create bespoke deals and newsletters. Here’s how ITMAGINATION built and implemented it for one of our most vital clients.

In April 2018, ITMAGINATION and Cashback World celebrated an important milestone in their relationship with the successful implementation of ITMAGINATION’s UTERM system. Cashback World’s core business is a shopping community with 9.5 million members in 47 countries around the world, supported by 90,000 Loyalty Merchants who are able to benefit from a customer loyalty program. The UTERM system is strategically important for Cashback World, as it implements functionalities sold to Loyalty Merchants as a Cashback Program in one of three versions – Light, Basic, and Professional.

The implementation of UTERM significantly increased the competitiveness of Cashback World’s products. The new system makes customer management tasks easier, as great care was taken to ensure the comfort of work with forms by highlighting relevant data in a user-friendly graphic interface. The project lasted 9 months and was implemented by a 12-person SCRUM team in Warsaw, in cooperation with a team from myWorld Solutions, Cashback World’s service provider, in Graz, Austria. The ITMAGINATION team was established specifically for the needs of Cashback World and consisted of specialists with extensive experience implementing financial industry projects.

preview lyo CRM v2

Communication is often a challenge in remote IT projects, but a solid understanding of the client’s culture and business was the key to success this time. At ITMAGINATION, remote work with clients is our bread and butter, and communicating about granular details in English is second nature to our highly-trained specialists. Due to the global scope of Cashback World’s activities, efforts have been made to ensure the availability and efficiency of the UTERM system, as one of the expected effects of the implementation is a measurable increase of the number of Cashback World Loyalty Merchants and the members they serve.

For the sake of usability and ergonomics, Single Page Application technology was selected, which allows users to communicate with the system in real time. Attention was also paid to security aspects, so that Loyalty Merchants and members could be guaranteed that information about turnovers and personal data are highly protected. UTERM is monitored on an ongoing basis by ITMAGINATION’s top specialists, who observe a continuous increase in the number of users and register occasional service requests. We are proud to see how well the system lives in the production environment and how efficiently it fulfills the goals set for it, and we’re confident that in the future Cashback World will come to us for all their IT needs.

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