What To Expect At Money 20/20 Las Vegas 2023
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What To Expect At Money 20/20 Las Vegas 2023


Money 20/20 is the go-to conference for anyone who wants to understand the future of money. With top leaders in the financial sector attending, this event promises to be a melting pot of innovation, ideas, and networking opportunities.

The Money 20/20 conference this year is set to be a game-changer, especially with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies. From AI-driven financial advice to machine learning systems powering billions of transactions, the conference promises to be a treasure trove of knowledge and insights.

Here's a sneak peek into some of the key sessions that you won't want to miss.

Preparing for an AI & Emerging Tech Revolution

The Money 20/20 conference this year is putting a significant emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies. The AI Summit, powered by AWS and NVIDIA, will be a central attraction, covering a range of topics from the state of Generative AI in Fintech to scaling machine learning systems for handling billions of transactions.

The summit will also explore socially responsible AI, particularly its role in fighting crime, and will feature various demos to showcase AI capabilities in real-world applications. Other sessions will delve into the impact of AI on financial advice, regulatory compliance, and even contact center efficiency.

For those interested in the practical applications of AI, there will be discussions on empowering Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) with Generative AI and real-world AI applications for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes.

The conference will also address the human element in AI, exploring why AI needs human oversight and how relationships in the AI ecosystem are evolving. Special sessions will focus on the impact of AI on payments, including the role of quantum computing and crypto, as well as what the future holds for developers in the AI landscape.

Relevant Sessions

Elevating Customer Experience and Banking Infrastructure

This year's Money 20/20 conference will also shine a spotlight on enhancing customer experience and modernizing banking infrastructure. The session "Putting the Heart Back into the Customer Experience Through High-Touch Digital Platforms" aims to explore how digital platforms can be designed to provide a more personalized and emotionally resonant customer experience.

Banking infrastructure is undergoing a significant transformation, and the "Banking Infrastructure Summit" will be a key part of this year's conference. One session that is central to this topic is "What to Expect with a Core Modernization Program," providing insights into the challenges and opportunities that come with updating core banking systems. Beyond the presentations, the summit will also feature a networking reception, offering a unique opportunity for professionals to connect and discuss the future of banking infrastructure.

Last but not least, the session "Digital Financial Services for the Next Billion" will discuss how digital platforms can be leveraged to bring financial services to underserved populations around the world. This session will explore innovative solutions aimed at financial inclusion for the next billion people.

Relevant Sessions

Fintech: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

The Money 20/20 conference this year promises a comprehensive look at the fintech industry, covering everything from its promises and pitfalls to its future trajectory. One of the sessions, "Small business’ American dream: The unfulfilled promise of fintech?" will explore whether fintech has lived up to its promise of transforming small business financing.

The conference will also delve into the business aspects of fintech, with sessions like "Readying Fintechs for a Sale" and "Did Fintechs Forget How to Make Money?" offering insights into the financial viability and exit strategies for fintech companies.

Diversity and inclusion will be a key focus, with sessions like "Black in Fintech" and "Fintech Diversity? Enter the Women CMOs Saving Fintech from Missteps" highlighting the importance of diverse leadership in the industry. The session "Humans in Fintech Podcast: The fintech future is female: Great startups need women leaders" will further emphasize the role of women in shaping fintech's future.

Regulatory challenges will be addressed in "What The Fintech from Fintech Futures: What does it really mean to adapt to Regulatory Modernization?" while "Bankadelic: The Future of Digital IDs in Fintech" will discuss the role of digital identity in the fintech landscape.

The conference will also feature a variety of podcasts and recap sessions, such as "Fintech Recap!" and "In Check with Fintech | Thriving in Times of Uncertainty," providing a holistic view of the current state and future prospects of the industry.

Relevant Sessions

The Future of Payments

The Money 20/20 conference this year will offer a comprehensive look into the future of payments, from operational aspects to consumer experiences. The session "Modern Payment Operations with Modern Treasury" will delve into how payment operations are evolving to meet modern demands, while "Empowering Embedded Payments From a 'Back to Basics' Approach" will explore the fundamentals of integrating payments into various platforms.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making its mark on the payment industry, and "Digital IoT Transformation in Payment Industry: Frictionless Payments" will discuss how IoT is simplifying payment processes. Identity is becoming increasingly important in payments, as highlighted in "The Future of Payments Is Identity."

Innovative payment methods are also on the agenda, with sessions like "The Innovation Behind the Car as a Payment Instrument" and "Real-Time Payments Innovation in the US" exploring new avenues for making transactions. The session "Buy Now Pay Later. Well it’s Later Now What?" will tackle the implications and future of deferred payment methods.

The conference will also feature case studies, such as "Revving up Payments to Accelerate Transformation: Hertz + Stripe," offering real-world examples of how companies are leveraging payment technologies for business transformation.

Accessibility and inclusivity are key themes, with "Accessible Design In Payment Technology" discussing how to make payment systems more user-friendly for all. Meanwhile, "The Death of Interchange" will explore the changing landscape of payment fees.

Cross-border payments are also a focus, with "Perception vs. Reality in the Changing Cross-Border Landscape: Who Wins in the Future? Powered by Convera" offering insights into the future of international transactions.

Relevant Sessions

Fraud Prevention and Cybersecurity

Fraud prevention and cybersecurity are critical issues in the financial sector, and this year's Money 20/20 conference is set to tackle them head-on. The session "Who is on the Hook for APP Fraud?" will explore the responsibilities and liabilities associated with Authorized Push Payment (APP) fraud, a growing concern in the industry.

The conference will also feature investigative journalism with "Trafficked: Unmasking the Multi-Billion Dollar Scam Industry with Mariana Van Zeller and Johnny Ayers," aiming to shed light on the scale and complexity of financial scams.

For those interested in understanding the criminal mindset to enhance security, "Think Like A Criminal To Beat A Criminal" promises to offer unique insights. This will be complemented by sessions like "Efficiently Building And Deploying Fraud Detection Models" and "Recognize The Scam Patterns And Lets Kill Fraud Ama With Soups Ranjan," which will focus on the technical aspects of fraud detection and prevention.

KYC (Know Your Customer) vulnerabilities are a hot topic, and sessions like "KYC SOS: How Cybercriminals Are Exploiting Your Business's KYC Vulnerabilities" and "Evolution Of KYC Orchestration And Fraud Tools In High Risk Categories" will delve into how businesses can secure their KYC processes to prevent fraud.

The conference will also feature special editions and live recordings of podcasts such as "Fraudwatch - A Money2020 Special Edition" and "Nickel And Crime Podcast Ep 7 Live At Money2020," offering in-depth discussions on fraud-related topics.

Lastly, "The Geography of Fraud" will explore how fraud trends vary by location, providing a global perspective on this pressing issue.

Relevant Sessions

Embedded Finance: The New Frontier

Embedded finance is rapidly becoming a cornerstone in the financial sector, and Money 20/20 Las Vegas 2023 is set to delve deep into this transformative trend. The session "A Marketplace Differentiator powered by J.P. Morgan" will explore how embedded finance can serve as a unique selling proposition in various marketplaces, offering insights into how it can create competitive advantages.

Consumer expectations are evolving, and the session "Keeping Up With Expectations in Embedded Finance" will discuss how businesses can meet these changing demands through innovative financial services that are integrated directly into their platforms.

Is embedded finance reaching a tipping point? The provocatively titled session "Embedded Finance...a Tipping Point?" aims to explore whether the industry is at a critical juncture and what that means for businesses and consumers alike.

For traditional banks looking to innovate, the session "Stop The Bleed How Embedded Investing Can Save Banks Billions" will discuss how incorporating investment options directly into banking platforms can not only enhance customer experience but also significantly impact the bottom line.

Relevant Sessions

Harnessing the Power of Data

Data is the new oil in the financial sector, and this year's Money 20/20 conference is set to explore its transformative potential. The session "Clean Room Crystal Ball: Use Your Data to Fix Fragmentation" will discuss how businesses can leverage their data to address fragmentation issues and improve operational efficiency.

Income data is becoming a powerful tool in finance, and the session "Putting Income Data to Work: Unlocking the Next Frontier of Finance" will explore how this data can be used to create new financial products and services. Moreover, the impact of open data on the economy will be discussed in "Open Data Can Help Increase GDP by 5%," offering insights into how data sharing can significantly boost economic growth.

Financial inclusion remains a critical issue, and the session "Data for Good: Bettering the Financial Ecosystem Through Financial Inclusion" will delve into how data can be used to create a more inclusive financial ecosystem. The session will explore how data analytics can help identify underserved populations and develop tailored financial products for them.

Relevant Sessions

Banking Infrastructure and Technological Innovations

The Money 20/20 conference this year will offer an in-depth look into the future of banking infrastructure and technological innovations in financial services. The "Banking Infrastructure Summit: Building a Modern Technology Stack" session will explore the components of a modern banking technology stack, while "The Future of Financial Services Through APIs" will delve into how APIs are shaping the financial services landscape.

The role of APIs will also be discussed in "Open APIs the Death of 'Owned' Channels?", exploring whether open APIs will replace traditional owned channels in banking. The session "The Evolution of Financing: Banks vs. Fintech in Embedded Finance" will compare the roles of traditional banks and fintech companies in the emerging field of embedded finance.

Acting Comptroller of the Currency Michael J. Hsu will offer his insights on "Banking Fintech and New Technologies," providing a regulatory perspective on these innovations. "Leveling the Financial Playing Field: The Digital Revolution of Remittances" will discuss how technology is making remittances more accessible and affordable.

The conference will also tackle issues related to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in "Cracking The SMB Code Making Financial Automation Smarter" and "SMB Banking: Meeting the Customer Where They Do Business."

Legacy systems are a significant challenge in banking, and "Banking Infrastructure Summit: Universal Payment Engine vs. Spaghetti of Legacy System" will explore solutions to this issue. Open protocols and cloud migration will also be discussed in sessions like "Unleashing The Open Protocol For Payments On The Internet" and "Clear Skies Ahead Solving Cloud Migration Issues Through Open Source."

The future of risk management will be explored in "The Future of Risk is Human/Computer Collaboration," while "Time to Money: Instant Access to Earned Wages Isn’t Optional" will discuss the importance of instant wage access.

Relevant Sessions:

Risk Management, Partnerships, and Leadership

The Money 20/20 conference this year will also delve into the intricacies of risk management, partnerships, and leadership in the financial sector. One of the standout sessions, "The Risk-Forward Mindset," will explore how businesses can proactively manage risks in an ever-changing landscape.

Bank partnerships are evolving, and the session "Future of Bank Partnerships: How to Design a Partnership that Will Stand the Scrutiny" aims to provide a roadmap for creating sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships. For those concerned about unforeseen challenges, "Resiliency in the Face of Black Swans powered by J.P. Morgan" will discuss strategies for staying resilient during unpredictable events.

Talent management remains a critical issue, and the session "Why the War for Talent is Not Over Just Yet" will delve into the ongoing challenges and strategies for attracting and retaining top talent. Leadership during times of change will also be a focus, with Stephanie Ferris, CEO at FIS, sharing her insights on "Leading Through Change(s)."

The role of the Chief People Officer is evolving, and "The Modern Chief People Officer" will explore what this means for businesses today. Additionally, the session "Why You Need A Know Your Everything Strategy" will discuss the importance of comprehensive data strategies in decision-making.

Financial officers looking to optimize liquidity and payment strategies should not miss "CFO Masterstroke Next Level Liquidity And Payments Strategies Powered By J.P. Morgan." For those looking to gain media attention, "Make The Media Notice Getting Press Appearing On Podcasts" will offer tips on how to capture the media spotlight.

Lastly, the session "Let's FINALLY Modernize our Failing State Money Transmitter Licensing System" will tackle the urgent need for regulatory updates in the financial transmission space.

Relevant Sessions

Navigating Web3 and Cryptocurrency Regulation

This year's Money 20/20 conference is set to tackle the burgeoning world of Web3 and cryptocurrency. One of the key sessions, "Web3 Adoption - in The Palm of Your Hand," will explore how Web3 is becoming more accessible and user-friendly, making it easier for people to engage with decentralized technologies.

For merchants interested in Web3, the session "Leveling The Playing Field For Web3 Merchants A One Stop Fiat And Crypto Solution Powered By Zerohash" promises to be a must-attend. This session will discuss how Zerohash is providing a unified solution for both fiat and crypto transactions, aiming to make it simpler for merchants to operate in the Web3 ecosystem.

Regulation is always a hot topic in the crypto space, and who better to address it than SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce? Her session on "Cryptocurrency Regulation and Market Structure" will provide invaluable insights into the regulatory landscape, helping attendees understand what they need to be aware of when navigating this complex and rapidly evolving field.

Relevant Sessions

Fintech in Emerging Markets: Africa and LATAM

This year's Money 20/20 conference will offer a deep dive into the fintech landscapes of emerging markets, with a special focus on Africa and Latin America (LATAM). The session "Africa Fintech - Regional State of Play" will provide an overview of the current fintech ecosystem in Africa, while "Harnessing Mobile Money Movement to Catalyze Africa's Incredible Revenue Growth Rate" will explore the role of mobile money in driving economic growth in the region.

LATAM is another hotbed for fintech innovation, and sessions like "LATAM Payments Leapfrogging to Solve Real Problems" and "What's Next in LATAM Payments Ecosystem?" will discuss how the region is using fintech to address real-world challenges. The session "Paying with a Selfie? How LATAM is evolving KYC and Payment Authentication to End Fraud" will delve into innovative approaches to Know Your Customer (KYC) and payment authentication.

Expanding into these markets comes with its own set of challenges, as highlighted in "Expanding into LatAm; Going It Alone is Not an Option" and "Lost In Translation Navigating KYC In Emerging Markets." These sessions will offer valuable insights into the complexities of entering and operating in these rapidly evolving fintech landscapes.

The conference will also feature discussions on how technology is spreading from one emerging market to another, as well as what the U.S. can learn from open finance banking models in LATAM. Additionally, the session "The MoneyPot: A new SaaS/Cloud megapayments opportunity emerges in Latin America" will explore new business opportunities in the region.

Relevant Sessions


Money 20/20 Las Vegas 2023 promises to be a watershed event for anyone involved in the financial sector. From the latest trends in AI and embedded finance to the future of payments and the evolving regulatory landscape, the conference is set to cover a wide array of topics that are critical to understanding the current and future state of the industry.

Whether you're interested in technological innovations, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, or financial inclusion, Money 20/20 offers a comprehensive platform to gain insights, network with industry leaders, and discover solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the financial world today.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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