360° IT Check #12: Amazon EKS Anywhere, Ray-Ban Stories, Cryptocurrency Adoption Growing, and more!
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360° IT Check #12: Amazon EKS Anywhere, Ray-Ban Stories, Cryptocurrency Adoption Growing, and more!

Amazon EKS Anywhere Generally Available 

Amazon EKS Anywhere is now generally available. The new deployment option lets AWS clients manage their Kubernetes Clusters on their own infrastructure. 

This is AWS’s way of attracting business clients. As Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy, admitted during the Re:Invent conference 

[Companies] still have a lot of … containers that [they] need to run on-premises as [they’re] making this transition to the cloud, they really want to have the same management and deployment mechanisms that they have in AWS on-premises — customers have asked us to work on this.

Cryptocurrency Adoption Growing Around The World

Robinhood, the Stock Trading & Investment App, will now allow you to automatically invest in cryptocurrencies on a pre-determined time basis. It’s another step in the process of bringing cryptocurrencies to everyday users. This shows it they are inching closer and closer to being embraced by the Early Majority crowd.

Another significant development last week was El Salvador’s first week of declaring Bitcoin as legal tender. The decision was met with both immense interest leading to servers crashing and protests against the solution. 

On one hand, the change will make it significantly easier for El Salvadorians to make cash transfers to the country, avoiding many of the providers’ provisions. On the other hand, nearly 50% of the citizens don’t have access to the internet.

Facebook And Ray-Ban Debut New Smart Glasses

The internet is booming after Facebook and Ray-Ban announced the result of their partnership. 

The $299 “Ray-Ban Stories” look like they are just another pair. Their looks deceive. They are equipped with two 5 megapixel cameras capable of recording 30-second videos. You may also have calls while they’re on, to add to the main functionality.

The announcement has been met with a lot of controversy. There are a lot of tweets surrounding the topic from both sides. Some are raising valid questions of how will the future look like with smart glasses around. Others are enjoying the view.

Court Rules Against Epic In Lawsuit Versus Apple

The notorious case of Apple v. Epic was resolved, and… Apple has won. Judge Rodgers has stated that Apple could indeed have an unfair monopoly.

The evidence does suggest that Apple is near the precipice of substantial market power, or monopoly power, with its considerable market share

The two worst-case scenarios for Apple did not materialize, however. Apple still does not have to allow for third-party app stores, nor is it forced to integrate third-party payment options. Epic did score a small win, however. According to the ruling, it was illegal for the iOS developer to not allow the advertisement of other payment options.

Epic decided to appeal. For a detailed breakdown of Friday’s ruling, click this link.

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