360° IT Check #56 - Google Shuts Down Stadia, 10 Years of TypeScript, and More!
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360° IT Check #56 - Google Shuts Down Stadia, 10 Years of TypeScript, and More!

Google Shuts Down Their Gaming Service Stadia, as It Looks for Savings

It’s a sad day for gaming fans. Google decided to shut down Stadia. The service promised the future of cloud gaming, though it never became one. As the CEO wants to make the company “20% more efficient”, something had to go. Stadia was it. It should not come as a surprise, though. The moves came after the company decided to shut down its first-party game development studios.

The Bottom Line

The company’s CEO looked for savings, and he found them. Stadia was heavily underused by many, and it launched without many features. In fact, the platform never got the features the company promised it would have. The platform was a failure, in all meanings of the word. The gamers were not interested, the experts were not interested.  

Furthermore, Google is well-known for killing its products. If you want to see the list of products the company killed off, go to https://killedbygoogle.com/.

10 Years of TypeScript

TypeScript, the corporate savior, turns ten this year. Microsoft prepared a special post to celebrate this occasion. If you go around GitHub, and examine all the most popular Open Source repositories, only few would not be using TypeScript to write code. All major closed-source projects use TS as well. We asked Zino Adidi, a Senior Angular Developer here at ITMAGINATION, to describe what his journey with the superset of JavaScript was like:

I took a step towards Typescript years back and looking at the progress i have made as a web engineer in terms of organizing code, simplifying certain logic, following correctly object-oriented practices, bringing stability to my JavaScript (JS) code base, and the power to architect my code using latest concepts with ease, I can say that the downsides of TypeScript (TS), if any, are outshone by the numerous benefits.
In the right hands, TS can be a tool to effectively structure JS based projects such that multiple developers can work with ease while exploring many object-oriented practices like with any other advanced language out there, pushing the limits of JS as a language and birthing more efficient, scalable projects in the process.

The New iPhone 14 Keeps Calling Emergency Numbers on Rollercoasters

If you are a lucky owner of the new iPhone 14, then we suggest you avoid rollercoasters. Reportedly, the feature that is meant to call the appropriate emergency number in case of a crash also goes off when you are enjoying (if that’s even possible) a ride on a rollercoaster. In theory, you do have 20 seconds to dismiss the notification, and your phone won’t call anybody. In practice, if you ever tried to pull out a phone on a bumpy ride in an amusement park, then you most likely know a feeling of losing a phone. That is, if you don’t have a gorilla grip.  

The Bottom Line

This feature is a potential life-saver. We know for a fact it already came in clutch in case of a car crash in Nebraska, USA. Sadly, it may also result in a false alarm. It’s important to remember that a call like this may result in a fine in many, if not all, countries on Earth. To avoid that, you may either turn on the airplane mode on, or just leave your phone with somebody prior to getting on a ride.

Android Material 3 for Jetpack Compose

Google’s framework for creating user interfaces on Android has been updated, and it finally reached the release candidate status.  This status means, that the API will most likely (99%) remain what it is now, and the only changes that we can expect, are bug fixes until the “full” version 1. Any potential new features will only be introduced once after 1.0.0.

The link to the list of changes is here.

Bonus Links

Saving Private React


Nowadays, we all like to talk poorly about good ol’ React. Here is an article of a developer who defends Meta’s library.  

Performance in Jetpack Compose


Jetpack Compose is a phenomenal tool for creating interfaces on Android. Just as it’s the case with any tool, it’s potentially easy to make a costly mistake.  

Faster React – (yet another) state management library solving the problem of rerenders


A New Hook in React to Replace useEffect?


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