360° IT Check #31 — State of JS, ‘Carbon-Neutral Web3’ Curriculum On FreeCodeCamp, And More!
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360° IT Check #31 — State of JS, ‘Carbon-Neutral Web3’ Curriculum On FreeCodeCamp, And More!

“State of JS” survey

Once a year, JavaScript developers from all around the world fill out the State of JS survey, to help better understand the whole ecosystem of people and software. In no way, is it a niche undertaking as well. It’s massively popular across the community, with many companies sharing it, hoping their fans will fill it out, boosting their outcomes:

The Bottom Line

JavaScript has a rich community from all around the world, heavily engaged in making the ecosystem even better. To know what the community needs to focus on, we need to know where we stand, and what do developers desire. Initiatives such as this one, are absolutely crucial to move forward in the right direction, eliminating any potential missteps. If you are a JavaScript developer, take a second, and fill out the State of JS 2021 survey.

Carbon-Neutral Web3? 

FreeCodeCamp is a place where aspiring developers may learn the basics of their craft, opening up the field of software development. Of course, this resource is not the only one required to land a job in the software world, though some people succeed in their plans. One such person is Nathan Flickinger. Nathan is a college dropout, who, after experiencing a depressing period in his life, vowed to get his life together… and he did. After working in the IT industry as tech support, he dedicated few months of his life to FreeCodeCamp which landed him a job as a software developer. He did not stay there long either, founding a startup called “KaijuKingz.”

Soon after, Nathan and his startup donated 1 million US dollars to FreeCodeCamp. He asked, however, to create a Web3 curriculum using some donated funds. Best of all, the course itself will not be a source of big carbon emissions, as all the development during the course will happen locally.

The Bottom Line

FreeCodeCamp (and other free resources) is a great tool for the democratization of software development. The undertakings such as this one are necessary to ensure the world of IT does not become a deeply entrenched community. 

Developing a Web3 course that does not cause the world to drown in more carbon is also deeply beneficial. As we edge ever closer towards the 1.8C goal, or even the 2C goal, all tech companies need to ensure they contribute to the global warming as little as possible. FreeCodeCamp nails this, by already being carbon-neutral itself.

Framer Sites Beta

The company that makes tools your user-interface designer friend might be using for his work, made a website-making tool. Framer Sites, is the latest creation from Framer. The emphasis is on building “fast to make” and “beautiful” sites. Furthermore, the company claims to be able to replace many tools with their Sites offering: Visual Studio Code, Sketch, GitHub, Netlify, or Webflow, just to name a few.

The Bottom Line

The Low-Code, and No-Code movements are both largely important in our days. With the ability to develop code gaining importance, we have to remember that not everybody knows how to do that. Companies such as Framer are effectively democratizing access to software creation, and the access to create products of their own. 

If Framer Sites really can be easier to use, and if really it is that easy to create beautiful websites that easily adapt to your brand, we might have a hit on our hands. The one feature that appears to be missing is the ability to create dynamic CMS collections; so crucial for many companies to create their blogs, and more.

Framework For Open-Source

The computer-maker from the US, Framework, shared some of the most fundamental code they use to manage the most basic computer operations that govern their laptops. It is not something they have written on their own, as it is based on another open-source project – Chromium OS’s Embedded Controller.

The Bottom Line

The main takeaway from this story is that open-source allows people to innovate, and to move all of us forward. The world literally depends on people maintaining their creations, and people taking initiative to share their work with the world for free. Let us illustrate it.

A comic illustrating how all "modern digital infrastructure" relies on a project some person in Nebraska has been thanklessly maintaining since 2003.

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