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Effective Design Tips, Google Duplex and Bots in E-sports

Discover the effective design tips for offline applications, take a closer look at Google Duplex, and see how to set up a development environment on MacOs. It’s all here in Weekend Readings!

.NET Microservices. Architecture for Containerized .NET Applications

Microsoft’s e-book about .NET microservices architecture in relation with containers has been updated to be compatible with .NET Core 2.

8 Effective Design Tips for Offline Applications

Follow these 8 tips used in real apps to provide more accessibility to your applications when they are in offline mode.

How to set up a full-stack .NET web development environment on Mac OS

Since .NET Core release, full stack developers are not bound to Windows if they want to use .NET Framework. Check how to set up a development environment on MacOs.

A Closer Look at Google Duplex

Google Duplex breathtaking presentation at the IO 2018 attracted the attention of the whole world. Let’s take a closer look at it.

OpenAI Five

One year ago OpenAI created an AI that defeated pro players in 1v1 Dota 2. Now it wants to go all the way in e-sports and creates a bot for 5v5 Dota 2.

The Land Before Binary

Binary system wasn’t always the obvious necessity for a computer. Learn about different options that were considered before.

Written by: Piotr Piękos

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