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Getting Hacked Every Day, How to Scan 500 Million Passwords, and What Machine Learning Isn’t

Have you been hacked today? How can you search half a billion passwords in seconds? What are the limits of machine learning? There’s only one way to find out!

I Wanna Go Fast: Why Searching Through 500M Pwned Passwords Is So Quick

The author of “Have I Been Pwned?” recently released a new version of “Pwned Passwords” with half a billion passwords from data breaches. Now he describes how he accessed them in a hurry with just a few changes.

Dropbox Saves $75 Million by Building its Own Infrastructure

At a certain scale of organization, building your own well-tailored infrastructure can be much cheaper than using the public cloud.

The Algorithmization of Payments

A short summary of how it works now and what the future might be.

You’ve Been Hacked Today

We’re all scared that our computers will be hacked and that we will lose private data. Did you realize that in fact, something of ours is hacked successfully every day?

What Machine Learning Isn’t

If you’re not a techie and are still interested in what Machine Learning is (or is not!) grab your coffee and have a glance at this article!

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