ITMAGINATION's Continued Commitment To Supporting Ukraine, And How You Can Help
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ITMAGINATION's Continued Commitment To Supporting Ukraine, And How You Can Help

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A big part of our community is Ukrainian - from our team members, to our family members, and to our friends.

Being headquartered in neighboring Poland means that we have a lot of shared history with our neighbors, and we are touched to see the mobilization from individuals and organizations in Poland and elsewhere to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. We want to continue doing our part to help.

We are committed to support our colleagues and friends from Ukraine. There are many needs and initiatives, and in this difficult period, we must help and support each other.

We will continue to stand with you and help in any way we can.
ми з тобою 💙💛.

Daniel Arak, Co-founder & Board Member

Humanitarian Aid - Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH)

As part of our continued efforts to support the community, we donated 100 000 PLN to the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH). These funds will go towards the humanitarian aid efforts for people living in Ukraine and those coming to Poland in the form of food, transport, shelter, and other kinds of assistance.

The Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) has been helping Ukraine since 2014 and has been on a permanent mission there since 2015.

Offering Fast-tracked Interviews & Relocation Help

Our Recruitment team is helping connect people who are coming from Ukraine with relevant job opportunities, helping them with refining their CVs, and with interview coaching.

We have implemented fast-tracked interviews and contract preparation processes for people who are coming from Ukraine. To this date, we have hired 3 people who came to Poland from Ukraine and helped them relocate and settle down in Poland.

As a technology company, we're also looking to hire Ukrainian developers whose profiles match our open roles.

If you know people who are looking for a new role, need help with refining their CV, reach out to: Olha Bereza, Mariia Sapozhnikova, Hanna Yakovlieva, Sylwia Bil, Paulina Rydzewska, Marta Górska, Beata Menes, Weronika Jeske, Rafał Dmytruk, Joanna Guzik, Aleksandra Ślemp,  or Katarzyna Kopania for help.

Internal Budget & Initiatives

Our Head of Administration, Mateusz Niewadzi, is our acting “Aid Coordinator for Ukrainian Citizens”. He has an allocated budget and a free hand to help on behalf of ITMAGINATION.

There are many forms of assistance that we have been providing. Some of them are:

  • Purchasing food and hygienic essentials
  • Providing private housing
  • Purchasing electronic equipment and peripherals
  • Purchasing bed linens, duvets and towels
  • Sweets for children

We Joined TechForUkraine

As part of our support for our Ukranian team members and friends, and as a tech company, we have joined the #TechForUkraine initiative by Tech To The Rescue.

What does this mean? We are supporting vetted NGOs and Civic Society organizations with pro-bono design & development of digital products that they need to make an impact. Our Chief Innovation Officer, Marcin Dąbrowski is leading this effort at ITMAGINATION.

If you are part of a tech company, check out the initiative and join here:

If you are a Ukrainian NGO or know someone in that space, make sure they also get in touch with the Tech To The Rescue team here:

Additional Initiatives From The Team

  • Many people are offering accommodation for Ukrainians in Poland, including members of our team. Our co-founder & board member Daniel Arak has offered his entire apartment in Warsaw as free accommodation for those in need.

  • Olha, Senior Recruitment Consultant, prepared a guide for people who are looking for support both in Ukraine and in Poland. The list of resources include those for evacuation, humanitarian aid, . Additionally, she has been collecting and distributing supplies with various NGOs, family, and friends.

  • Our recruitment team is working to help match people from Ukraine with job opportunities through their networks. They also provide interview coaching and CV preparation help.

  • Sylwia, our Head of Talent Acquisition, has been volunteering with her family and friends after-hours distributing sweets to children, as well as essentials for those arriving from Ukraine.

  • Many other team members are contributing to their local communities as volunteers. One person is Anna, who is volunteering in Warsaw.

How You Can Help

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