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ITMAGINATION is Microsoft’s Gold Partner for the 10th year in a row

ITMAGINATION has once again received the title of Microsoft Gold Partner, fulfilling the requirements of the Partner Network Program. This is a demonstration of our  detailed knowledge in delivering high-quality solutions in our fields of  expertise which include but are not limited to:

  • Application Development
  • Data Platform
  • Data Analytics
  • DevOps
  • Application Integration
  • Cloud Platform
  • Datacenter
  • Security
  • Cloud Productivity
  • Collaboration and Content

This is not the only nor the first confirmation of our ability to work with the biggest brands in the world. In fact, we had been consistently partnering with Microsoft since 2011.

Certifications from tech giants are becoming a standard to have when working with international clients. Our ability to get the certification from the company from Redmond is a confirmation of the competencies of our employees and a  differentiating aspect for us on the market. Our goal in obtaining the status of a Gold Partner is to prepare our organization for the real-life needs of our clients.

As aforementioned, ITMAGINATION is Microsoft’s long-standing partner, and every year we are carefully inspected in order to receive the status of a Gold Partner in new areas. This year, the highest possible level of expertise was confirmed in the areas of Security, Cloud Productivity,  Datacenter, Cloud Platform, Collaboration and Content, Application Development, Data Platform, Data Analytics, DevOps, and Application Integration. Moreover we have been named a Silver Partner in the area of Project and Portfolio Management.

The title of Microsoft Gold Partner is a big distinction and also a challenge. One of the values we champion at  ITMAGINATION is Partnership, both internally between each other and externally with our clients. We listen to their needs and fulfill them in order to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions. We want to constantly raise the bar of our services, which is why we are continuously hiring experienced specialists & train our staff in using Microsoft’s products through our Training & Certifications system - said Paweł Borowski,  member of the board of ITMAGINATION.

The main advantage of working with a Gold Partner is a guarantee of having expert support, whose qualifications are verified every year. Our company is proud to be able to say our company has numerous other certifications. We are ISO/IEC 27001/2013 compliant, which further proves our highest standards in data safety. Apart from that. we are also ISO 9001:2015 certified, which means that our company fulfills the requirements of the quality handling system.

These international certifications are an important signal for our clients, who place an emphasis on the safety of their data, competencies of the crew they are going to hire, and an overall experience with working in international tech settings.

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