Polish customers were likely to spend two times more on electronic gifts for children than for adults – ITMAGINATION analysis shows
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Polish customers were likely to spend two times more on electronic gifts for children than for adults – ITMAGINATION analysis shows

Is there a rule, to what could be found under Polish Christmas trees this year? Shortly before the holidays our team looked into data from last two years, analyzing customers’ activity around this time in electronic stores, both online and traditional. We found the results quite interesting. Poles spent even 500 PLN (ca 125 EUR) for e-gadgets for children, but not more than 200 PLN (ca 50 EUR) for presents in the same category for adults.

Our data division team researched consumer orders in stores. We analyzed sales data from electronic equipment retailers, in both e-commerce and traditional channels, in the timespan of Christmas seasons over the last two years. Data showed that most of the purchases fall into two price ranges. And the ammount on the bill strongly depends on who the presents are for.

Splurge on kids, save on adults

When shopping for Christmas, clients tend to choose products from two price gropus: between 100 and 200 PLN and from 400 up to 500 PLN. The choice of a Christmas gift and its price depends on who will get the present – adults or children. Among products in the price range between 400 and 500 PLN, majority are products which will most likely be given to kids. In the price range around 200 PLN, less than half of the purchased goods are suitable for children.

Data shows clearly that when looking for a present for an adult friend or family member, customers are more likely to select a small, rather symbolic gift. But when chosing presents for children – they apply a different approach. Kids often have a very precise idea of a dream Christmas gift. They chose it long before the holiday season and dream about a very specific electronic gadget. Proves of this phenomenon can be found in most letters Santa receives from kids. And all parents know, that the dream present tends to be also the expensive one.

As data analysed by ITMAGINATION shows, in the last two years children’s presents for Chrismtas usually were Playstation games, VR glasses and smartphones. For adults the most popular items were GSM car kits or devices for body massage. It comes as no surprise, that Poles spend more money around Christmas season than in any other period of the year. Sales double in this time, and even triple for products in the two price ranges 100 – 200 PLN and 400 – 500 PLN.

AI changes commerce

Data such as this analyzed by ITMAGINATION, helps traditional trade networks and e-commerce to precisely personalize offers for customers. It is possible thanks to software analyzing big sets of data (Big Data) or Artificial Intelligence (AI). Tools based on AI have an increasing impact on our purchasing deciscions. AI based sale solutions, such as Behaviolytics® created by ITMAGINATION help to analyze consumer’s behavior and predict need for specific products. Thanks to solutions such as Behaviolytics® it is possible to forecast shopping needs, in real time. Our tools can give the opportunity to generate immediate response to client, for example in form of a promotional campaign. In our view personalization, allowing presentation of individual offers and marketing messages, based on Big Data and machine learninig is the strongest trend in commerce and e-commerce and will set the course in retail development.

Learn it. Know it. Done.

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