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Transform your construction business with custom software that streamlines your operations, improves your project management and cuts costs.
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We Develop Top-Notch Custom Software Solutions For The Construction Industry

Transform your construction business with custom software that streamlines your operations, improves your project management and cuts costs.
  • We are a 400+ person team of Software Developers, Architects, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Analysts and Designers
  • We have 15+ years of experience on the market
  • Our team operates remotely and is based in the European Union
  • We serve clients in North America (US & Canada) and Europe (DACH, Nordics, BeNeLux, and the UK)
  • We work with the world's largest Enterprises, Scaleups, and Startups
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We work hand-in-hand with our clients in the Construction Industry to deliver key strategic digital solutions on their roadmaps to stay ahead of their competition

Construction Management Software

  • Develop a comprehensive construction management software that will allow your company to manage projects, contracts, schedules, and budgets, while improving collaboration and communication between teams.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce errors by streamlining project documentation and tracking project progress in real-time.
  • Improve decision-making capabilities by providing real-time insights into project data, budget, and timeline.

Project Estimation and Costing Software

  • Develop a project estimation and costing software that will enable your company to accurately estimate the cost of a project based on data such as materials, labor, and equipment.
  • Improve accuracy of cost estimation and reduce the risk of cost overruns by utilizing advanced analytics and algorithms.
  • Increase productivity by automating the process of creating cost estimates, reducing the time required to create accurate project budgets.

Quality Control and Inspection Management Software

  • Develop a quality control and inspection management software that will enable your company to manage the inspection process for all construction projects, reducing the risk of defects and ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Increase efficiency by streamlining the inspection process and providing real-time data on inspection outcomes.
  • Improve compliance by ensuring that all inspections are completed according to regulatory requirements.

Projects In The Construction Industry We've Worked On


Tailor-Made ERP

Before the cooperation with ITMAGINATION, Skanska’s ERP was well-tailored in business terms but written using an outdated technology stack.
In an urgent need to replace it, a decision to create new ERP system from scratch was made, and ITMAGINATION was chosen to build the tailor-made complex new ERP system.

Skanska is a Swedish construction and development company. The corporation employs about 50,000 employees, is one of the largest construction companies worldwide, and operates in the Nordic and Central & Eastern European regions, as well as in the USA and UK.

Notable Skanska projects include the World Trade Center Transportation Hub project, Moynihan Train Hall, 30 St Mary Axe, MetLife Stadium, Mater Dei Hospital, the renovation of the United Nations Headquarters, and many more.

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Project Tracking and Reporting Software

  • Develop a project tracking and reporting software that will enable your company to track project progress, monitor milestones, and generate reports on project performance.
  • Improve collaboration and communication between teams by providing real-time data on project status and progress.
  • Enhance decision-making capabilities by providing actionable insights into project data and performance.

Supplier and Vendor Management Software

  • Develop a supplier and vendor management software that will allow your company to manage supplier and vendor relationships, reduce costs, and improve the quality of goods and services.
  • Increase efficiency by streamlining the procurement process and tracking supplier and vendor performance in real-time.
  • Improve cost management by reducing the cost of goods and services and improving the quality of products and services.

Equipment and Resource Management Software

  • Develop an equipment and resource management software that will allow your company to manage and track equipment usage, maintenance, and resource allocation.
  • Increase efficiency by providing real-time data on equipment usage and resource allocation.
  • Improve cost management by tracking the cost of equipment and resource usage and reducing wastage.

Our custom software development services enable you to create digital construction management solutions that streamline and simplify:

  • Planning and design collaboration
  • End-to-end project management
  • Document management
  • Cost and change management
  • And much more

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with existing technology and systems that you use, such as enterprise-scale ERPs, reducing manual work and data silos.

We understand that large-scale adoption takes time and effort, including process testing, documentation, and employee training. That's why we offer customized solutions that align with your goals.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals!

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Marcin Dąbrowski

Chief Innovation Officer

Marcin has 14+ years of experience in designing, architecting, and developing complex IT projects.

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