Collaboration Models

We're your trusted technology partner.

ITMAGINATION can help you augment your existing IT capabilities quickly and efficiently.

Project Delivery

Take the hassle out of your Project Delivery by entrusting the entire product lifecycle to a multi-skilled, multi-discipline remote team of UX & UI Designers, Business Analysts, Developers and Product Owners.

You share your vision, your business needs and any specific reporting requirements, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Delivery Centers

We can extend and augment your existing delivery capabilities with highly skilled, multilingual IT professionals that operate as a remote extension of your existing capabilities.

We’ll work in partnership with you to build processes, templates and governance models so that you can benefit from seamless delivery of service.

Team Extension

We build and deploy multi-skilled teams of experienced IT professionals who know each other, complement each other’s skills & strengths, and know how to succeed together so you can benefit from rapid ramp-up, low requirements for you to manage, and high-quality, dependable performance.

In a nutshell, it's your team - extended with world-class engineers.
Professionalism, Quality, And Speed
IT is vital to the successful operation of your business. But IT probably isn’t your core business. So why devote excessive amounts of time, resources and commitment to building your team when you can benefit from easy, flexible and cost-effective access to some of the world’s best IT professionals, on-demand?

We will work with you to provide technology advisory, architecture, and bespoke development of custom software, data, and cloud solutions through end-to-end development or through staff augmentation models.
Why You Should Choose Us
We have over 13 years of experience building and scaling world-class, multidisciplinary IT teams and we've delivered over 500 projects to 250 happy clients, with whom we collaborate long-term. Over 33% of our customers work with us for 4+ years.

Why You Should Choose Us

We're Agile and use Scrum

We are agile and we scale with you

We swiftly scale teams up or down depending on your needs and the stage of your program or project. Our teams work based on Agile and Scrum principles to also ensure optimal development speed and flexibility.

This enables you to benefit from true alignment between your business and IT and agility to tap into the services you need as and when you need them.

We bring 13 years of experience to the table

With more than 13 years’ experience, ITMAGINATION has built a successful track record of delivering projects for some of the world’s biggest and most-recognized organizations.

We blend sector, technology and domain expertise to provide comprehensive solutions to real-world business and technology challenges.
We guarantee unparalleled quality software engineering services

We guarantee unparalleled quality

Poland is recognized as the source of some of the world’s top tech talent. We carefully recruit and nurture IT professionals and provide them with training, support and exposure to the latest technologies.

With ITMAGINATION, you can be confident that you’re working with the best tech talent available.
We provide exceptional business value through a team of talented software engineers

We provide exceptional business value

We strive to understand your business needs and the role of IT services in addressing these needs.

Our domain and sector experts will ask questions and (healthily) challenge your assumptions so that we can provide the right solution to meet your needs. Success for us is when you know that the service we provide contributes to your business growth.

How we deliver

We're Agile

ITMAGINATION professionals are trained to work using Agile and Scrum. With our extensive expertise in this area, we can adapt to the methodology of your choice or advise the right variant for your project.

The Right Team

ITMAGINATION believes that no two projects are the same. We consider experience, expertise, cultural fit and sector specificity to build the right team to work on your project.

We're Fully Remote

Based in the heart of Europe, ITMAGINATION delivers remotely through English-speaking technology experts that can align to your time zone (e.g. North America) and business-specific needs and tech stacks. This makes us perfect for IT Outsourcing, Nearshoring and Offshoring services.

One Call Away

Our business model is designed to cater to rapidly evolving business needs. Thanks to careful recruitment and a flexible operating model, we can make experts, teams and services available within days of a request.
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