QAOps: Quality Assurance In The Age Of Agile Methodologies

5 Key Concepts You Will Learn In This Video

Want to drastically reduce the time for your end-to-end test pipelines to run?
Running all end-to-end tests defined in a single client project can take a staggering 220 hours. Find out how we can reduce this testing time to 5 hours.
An Inverted Test Pyramid? What exactly differentiates the Agile Test Pyramid?
Listen to how the Agile approach changed the world of software testing and helped unify the goals of testers and developers. Using the Agile approach, they work together to proactively prevent bugs from even occurring rather than merely catching and fixing them.
Do you want to advance your career towards automated testing?
Give Cypress a try! Its ease of setup & use, in-depth documentation, browser-level functionality, and video guides on YouTube & Udemy make it great to start with. You can also join us to accelerate your career and learn from our team!
How can you become a good automation tester?
Listen to Marcin and Greg to find out! They’ll discuss how great automation testers have a background or significant experience in manual testing. The mental frameworks and concepts that manual testers develop are invaluable to understanding real user behavior to guide automated testing.
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Regular / Senior QA Engineer

12 000 - 22 000 PLN Net B2B + VAT

Big Data Test Engineer

15 000 - 18 000 PLN Net B2B + VAT

Software Tester

8 000 - 14 000 PLN Net B2B + VAT

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Marcin Dąbrowski's picture

Marcin Dąbrowski

Chief Innovation Officer
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Grzegorz Tomczyk

Software Quality Auditor, Team Leader& Competence Leader QA

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Custom Software Development
Design, develop, and maintain your software including all stages of the SDLC. Perfect for when you want to build solutions professionally & rapidly by our design & development teams.
Product Design (UX & UI)
Web Application Development
Mobile Application Development
Full Software Development Lifecycle and Testing & QA
Data Solutions - Data Analytics & Reporting, Data Science, Machine Learning
Data Solutions
Our team helps you transform your data into useable information and your information into insight so that you can become a fully data-driven business.
Data Strategy & Management
Data Processing & Big Data
Data Analytics, Reporting,
and Business Intelligence
Data Science​ and
Machine Learning
Cloud-Native & DevOps Solutions
We provide you with the best solutions for your business requirements. Our consultants will help you choose the best Cloud architecture to fit your present and future needs and build these solutions.
Cloud Migration & System Integration
Cloud-Native Application Development
Big Data & Cloud Data Platforms
SDLC, Cloud, and DevOps
Innovation as a service - Innovation strategy
Innovation as a Service
Think of Innovation as a Service as working in an agile “Startup Mode” – but without being or acquiring a startup. We will work with you to get your products from Idea to MVP in no time!
Innovation Strategy
Innovation Discovery
Innovation Roadmap
Innovation Factory

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Banking & Fintech
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Traditional Healthcare
Construction & Mining
Consulting Companies
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Kabbage’s partnership with ITMAGINATION has been instrumental in completing our goals. ITMAGINATION has helped support our internal engineering teams implement numerous major projects and features for Kabbage.

Their project managers and software engineers were able to quickly learn our domain processes and technologies to immediately provide value. We recommend ITMAGINATION as a professional provider of Software Engineering services.

David McGowan
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

ITMAGINATION has been cooperating with BNP Paribas since 2012. The company has completed many initiatives with the bank, providing and implementing software that was developed especially for our needs. In the course of the project, ITMAGINATION proved itself as a professional partner.

We fully recommend ITMAGINATION as a trustworthy business partner and creator of dedicated IT solutions.

Małgorzata Dąbrowska
RB/PF IT Line Managing Director

We recommend ITMAGINATION as a trustworthy business partner and creator of dedicated IT solutions. ITMAGINATION has a professional team that delivers high-quality software. The main project created by ITMAGINATION for our company was implemented in a short time – only 13 months.

We have been cooperating with ITMAGINATION since 2016. Among other services, we have hired out the company's technology consultants for our needs.

Dorota Poniatowska-Mańczak
Chief Innovation Officer

The implemented project has met all our expectations. The expert knowledge, experience, and professionalism of the ITMAGINATION team contributed to the success of the project.

We absolutely recommend ITMAGINATION as a trustworthy business partner and creator of dedicated IT solutions.

Szymon Małachowski
IT Coordinator

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