Custom Software Development

We help international clients run critical business processes and expand their market share by successfully delivering bespoke software development services. Our experts have years of hands-on experience designing, developing, and maintaining custom software for enterprise companies in key industries worldwide.

ITMAGINATION aims to deliver affordable bespoke software development solutions through agile methodologies, using cutting-edge technologies in private and public cloud environments.

Product Design (UX & UI)

We deliver digital experiences that drive real business benefits and strengthen your brand.

Beautiful designs mean nothing if they’re not aligned to business goals and user needs. We work with you to understand the goals of your product, to understand the market opportunity and the needs, desires and expectations of your target users.

We then use the latest tools, we research, and we consider the latest market trends to design compelling experiences and impactful interfaces. We’ll test them, refine them and monitor the entire development process to deliver digital experiences that give you the best possible chance of achieving your business goals.
The intuitiveness, ease of use and aesthetic appeal of your digital products is crucial to their success or failure.  As consumers, we know that if an app or website is not intuitive, easy to use and nice to look at, it won’t keep our attention for long. The same is true with your customers and your employees.

ITMAGINATION provides User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design services that will support the business goals of your digital products, boost customer satisfaction and strengthen your brand’s presence in the digital world.

Understand how our design approach can improve your product!

1. Kick-off Workshop
We’ll start by learning everything about your business goals, the context, the target users and the impact you want your digital product to have on their lives and your business.

Equipped with this understanding, we’ll be better able to support you on the journey. We’re here to listen, to understand you, and then to put forward a way of working, a process and timelines that are clear and beneficial to everybody.
2. Research & Analysis
We’ll seek to build out a full understanding of your product, the context (business, technology and market) in which it will be delivered, your competition and your target end users.

We’ll conduct our own research, we’ll interview (internal and external stakeholders), we’ll analyze data (yours and market) … all with the aim of building a better understanding of how to maximize the success of your digital product.
3. Wireframe & Testing
To verify all of the assumptions and everything we’ve learned about your product and its users, we will create wireframes that allow us to start exploring possible directions.

Depending on the circumstances (stakeholder needs, budget, time constraints), we’ll decide whether the wireframes will be low- or high-fidelity. With these wireframes, we’ll visualize, test, and then finetune solutions until all stakeholders are happy before moving on to the interface design process.
4. Interface & Interaction Design
Once the structure, layout and key functionalities have been verified, we commence the design of the user interface and all of the individual interactions.

This is the process of making your product look beautiful, brand compliant and appealing to its target end users.

We can work from your existing design system or brand book, or we can create an entire design system for you so that you can ensure consistency across all your websites, tools and mobile apps.
5. Implementation
The project doesn’t end with the presentation of beautiful designs. Our workflow includes the preparation of files that enable a seamless handover to development teams.

Our goal is remain closely involved throughout the development or ‘build’ process, iterating to optimize the design as new information becomes available, and to ensure that the finished product fulfils the product design vision and provides real value to its users.

Web Application Development

At ITMAGINATION we develop software based on Java and Microsoft .Net technologies, and we use Angular or React on the front end of applications to deliver SPA and RWD solutions.

Custom software deliver by ITMAGINATION is primarily based on our original components and the best practices we have collected over the years aiming to speed up the software delivery process.

We use agile methodologies to maintain flexibility during the development process and deliver what clients really need.

Mobile Application Development

Apple iOS Logo

iOS Native Mobile Apps

Android Logo OS Kotlin

Android Native Mobile Apps

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

ITMAGINATION provides full-scope mobile app design, development, and delivery services to clients around the globe. We deliver mobile applications and platforms using PWA or Xamarin.

Apart from mobile developers, our teams also include analysts, UX & UI experts, testers, and backend developers, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest mobile technologies, which allows us to choose solutions that match our clients’ expectations.
Develop Your Mobile App

SDLC, Cloud, and DevOps

The possibilities of the Cloud are practically limitless. It’s our job to provide you with the perfect solutions for your business requirements. Our consultants will help you choose the best Cloud architecture to fit your present and future needs. For optimal performance, we offer a variety of solution providers to choose from, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure you have the provider that’s right for you.

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