360° IT Check #49 - Standardizing Open Banking, Amazon vs GitHub, And More!
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360° IT Check #49 - Standardizing Open Banking, Amazon vs GitHub, And More!

Happy 4th of July!

4th of July. The anniversary of the ratification of the Declaration of Independence. On this day, we wish all the best to all our friends and partners from the USA.

Standardizing Open Banking Worldwide

New Tools in Fintech appear quite often. They offer a wind of change for all those who are tired of the traditional offerings of banks. They have a strong foothold in the world, and we have to use them daily.  

This is why, it’s important for all tools to integrate as closely as possible. They do, though the important issue is the legal approach to integrating financial data. “There’s […] the Fintech Law in Mexico, The Consumer Data Right in Australia, open banking in Brazil, and others.” Some regulators have set up a friendly way of informing developers of their legal obligations – such as the UK with their Open Banking standards portal. German regulations are also available easily, though in a form of a PDF.

Nevertheless, the different approaches around the world hinder innovation, and possibilities of companies.

The Bottom Line

In today’s global world, an international regulatory body governing the world of Open Banking would help immensely all Fintech companies, that often want to operate globally by default. The key is to make laws and regulations easily accessible, and comprehensible for all.  

The goal is for companies to create great products that are secure by default; products that deliver value to the users, and that keep customer data safe.  

Watch the talk on Open Banking below:

Amazon Whispering to GitHub. CodeWhisperer vs Copilot.

When GPT-3, Open AI’s language generator, wrote an article assuring us it had no plans to “wipe out humans,” it also made a case in various other articles for all the ways Open AI could help us in the future. One of those methods was how AI could start to take over some coding work from engineers while also insulting our intelligence.  

Last year Microsoft launched GitHub Copilot in a preview, a tool that would help coders complete their projects faster by generating code recommendations inside programs like Microsoft Visual Studio, Noevim, JetBrains, and GitHub Codespaces. Developers can use it with coding languages such as Python, Javascript, Typescript, Go, Ruby and others.

Not to be outdone, Amazon has now released news about their own Open AI-assisted coding tool CodeWhisperer. The company has stated that this is not a copycat of Microsoft’s tool but something they have been working on for some time, laying the groundwork with DevOpsGuru and CodeGuru a few years ago.

CodeWhisper will allow usage with, mainly, Java, JavaScript, and Python and will integrate with Visual Studio Code, JetBrains, AWS Cloud9, AWS Lambda, and various IDEs.

The tool allows you to receive code snippets by analyzing your code comments and determines which cloud services and public code libraries are suitable for the task. It will then provide the recommendations directly in your code editor.

Interestingly, the news came right around the time GitHub announced the general availability of the Copilot. The tool is now available for $10 a month or $100 a year.

The Bottom Line

The jury is still out on the effectiveness of GitHub’s tool. While it has sped up the time to create code, one study has shown that over 40% of the code created contained bugs that could pose a security risk to the end product.  

One study also found that “[t]he results suggest that although Copilot increases productivity as measured by lines of code added, the quality of code produced is inferior by having more lines of code deleted in the subsequent trial”

Sadly, GitHub Copilot may introduce some security vulnerabilities, or introduce code licensed under a wrong license. Amazon has taken these lessons into account as the company has emphasized that their tool will also provide security scans for Java and Python, helping detect vulnerabilities in their projects. It will also include a tracker to determine if the recommended code was used in training data, allowing developers to find and review code samples.  

This battle between the two mega-companies has now ventured into the AI-assisted coding space, adding to the ever-growing list of frenemies spaces in which the tech giants are working.

Lastly, we want to underline, that such engines are there to help developers, and not to replace them.

A New, Fresh, Web Framework

We know what you are thinking: “another JavaScript framework?” Any other day, this would have been true. This time, it’s a little different.

A new framework from the creators of Deno is here, and it’s stable. Fresh, is supposed to be Deno’s answer to bloated modern websites, and to Next.js, Nuxt.js, Sveltekit and the likes. How do the creators attempt to solve the problem? By default, the server is not going to send any JavaScript to the users; in case we want some, we will need to create components in a special folder. Unlike Next.js or Nuxt.js, the framework does not require a build step. You write your code, and… it’s ready to go.

The framework uses Preact to keep things incredibly light, when you do need some JS. It uses the same API you got used to with React, too.

The Bottom Line

Deno did not have a high-profile framework native to the ecosystem. Aleph.js was one option, though it flew under the radar. Fresh is something that is likely to change that.

Sadly, the number of other components of a JS full-stack framework, such as an ORM, are not really there for Deno. The compatibility layer with Node is there, though it isn’t perfect.

Watch the video by Fireship on the framework:

The Standoff Between Evan You and React

Evan You, the creator and the lead maintainer of Vue, seems to have a personal vendetta against React.js. Recently, he recommended Vite’s React template to be the starting point for developers, instead of Create React App.

It did not take too long for Dan Abramov, a high-profile React maintainer, to answer:

This was not the first time Evan You took to Twitter to address the shortcomings of React, and its ecosystem.

Previously, he pointed at the terrible performance of the new documentation site.

You also showcased how Vue.js handles complicated work. The code in React needed special optimizations, while Vue did not need any extra love or out of the ordinary.  

The Bottom Line

The answer to React vs Vue is… it’s complicated. In some cases, Vue is better, in some React. The way to make people realize Evan You’s solution is better is not to make comments about your competitors, though. It’s rather to stay calm, and composed, because comments such as these usually make you look like you are insecure.

When it comes to Vite vs Create React App in tandem with Webpack, Vite is a clear winner. It’s faster, and more well-liked by developers. The issue here for the React team is this: imagine Coca-Cola placing Pepsi’s stand inside their HQ.  

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