We design and develop tailored professional software solutions with our team of 400+ experienced consultants, engineers, and architects.

End-To-End Project Delivery

Perfect for when you want to build solutions professionally & rapidly by our design & development teams.

Let's discuss your high-level project requirements and we'll cover the full SDLC from there! Our team works in an Agile Scrum-based approach to ensure the best results.

Extended Delivery Center (EDC)

Perfect for when you want to scale up rapidly and affordably, while expanding your geographical reach.

The goal of the EDC is to provide you with a full-stack team of dedicated developers who will be working hand-in-hand with you as a true extension of your core team, ideally over a period of several years.

Team Extension

Perfect when you’re looking to scale up or down quickly to fulfill specific business needs.

The team is selected by ITMAGINATION based on requirements that our clients set forth and the team works alongside the client's team delivering low-level requirements in 2-week sprints.

We work with the world’s leading organizations across numerous industries including

Banking & Fintech
Retail & E-Commerce
Traditional Healthcare
Construction & Mining
Consulting Companies
Medtech & Healthtech

What Our Clients Say

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"Kabbage’s (Acquired by American Express) partnership with ITMAGINATION has been instrumental in completing our goals."

ITMAGINATION has helped support our internal engineering teams implement numerous major projects and features for Kabbage.

Their project managers and software engineers were able to quickly learn our domain processes and technologies to immediately provide value. We recommend ITMAGINATION as a professional provider of Software Engineering services.

David McGowan
SVP, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Global Commercial Services, Previously Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Kabbage, Acquired by AmEx
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"ITMAGINATION's team was able to understand our business needs and set up a development team quickly and to a high quality."

Thanks to ITMAGINATION’s flexibility and professionalism, we were able to onboard their developers quickly and start cooperation within only a few weeks after we reached out to them.

We have a true partner relationship, and we trust their expertise. They efficiently support work on our platform and help us release new features quickly and reliably.

David Wood
Managing Director
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"The team has been great to work with, they are direct communicators, open to feedback and work hard to build a great product."

We are very in sync about how to improve the team and our processes. It has been very refreshing to partner with ITMAGINATION to build up our backlog of things to do and to prioritize together.

Involvement and engagement by the ITMAGINATION leadership team has been great. They set up structured check-ins with our company leadership, and have kept us constantly looped in on the team’s progress.

Michael Wolf
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"We fully recommend ITMAGINATION as a trustworthy business partner and creator of dedicated IT solutions."

ITMAGINATION has been cooperating with BNP Paribas since 2012. The company has completed many initiatives with the bank, providing and implementing software that was developed especially for our needs. In the course of the project, ITMAGINATION proved itself as a professional partner.

Małgorzata Dąbrowska
RB/PF IT Line Managing Director
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"ITMAGINATION has a professional team that delivers high-quality software."

We recommend ITMAGINATION as a trustworthy business partner and creator of dedicated IT solutions. The main project created by ITMAGINATION for our company was implemented in a short time – only 13 months.

We have been cooperating with ITMAGINATION since 2016. Among other services, we have hired out the company's technology consultants for our needs.

Dorota Poniatowska-Mańczak
Chief Innovation Officer
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"ITMAGINATION was an effective and reliable partner with extensive experience in the field."

ITMAGINATION was invited to participate in the RFP process which they won after showing that they clearly understand our needs, have top-notch expertise both in our sector (FMCG), as well as the technologies used (BI and Data Warehousing) and their pricing model is optimal.

They had a very persuasive way of communicating proposed solutions.

Robert Pernak
Pricing Manager
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"Since 1 September 2013, ITMAGINATION completed dozens of projects for Danone Group companies in Central-Eastern and Northern Europe. We highly recommend ITMAGINATION as a professional provider of Business Intelligence services."

During project execution, ITMAGINATION actions were transparent and based on business partnership relations.

The consultants assigned to the works exhibited expert knowledge, experience and maintained a professional approach.

Marcin Łobejko
Process leader - Analytics & Enterprise Performance Management
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"The expert knowledge, experience, and professionalism of the ITMAGINATION team contributed to the success of the project."

The implemented project has met all our expectations. We absolutely recommend ITMAGINATION as a trustworthy business partner and creator of dedicated IT solutions.

Szymon Małachowski
IT Coordinator
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"Our joint success with the ITMAGINATION team is the development of a process and intuitive system that allows obtaining financing in as little as 5 minutes, despite many restrictions and complicated procedures associated with financial services."

Access to online financial services 24 hours a day is already a standard. Our clients expect a reliable and intuitive system that allows managing the finances of the company at any moment.

Emanuel Nowak
Product & Sales Department Manager
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"Working together, we have delivered several sophisticated projects that have enabled L’Oreal business users to better understand market trends within the Beauty segment of their respective markets."

L’Oreal Central European Shared Services IT serves 15 countries in Europe and the Near and Middle-East region.

Since 2016, L’Oreal has worked closely with ITMAGINATION in the broad and diverse domain of Business Intelligence services.

Krzysztof Bieniek
Business Intelligence Manager, CE Shared Services IT
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"ITMAGINATION is responsible for preparing, creating, and implementing a new data warehouse, which is the bank’s main data repository."

Since 2010, ITMAGINATION has been cooperating with DNB Poland, a member of the largest Norwegian capital group DNB and specializes in the corporate banking sector.

The system integrates over 20 systems at the Bank, including the two main ones.

Konrad Jęczeń & Paweł Świerta
Head of IT & Project Management Department & Deputy Director, IT and Project Management Department
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"We fully recommend ITMAGINATION as a professional provider of Business Intelligence & Predictive Maninance (IoT-based) services, and as a trusted technology partner."

We have been working together since February 2016. Tikkurila is a multinational corporation with a strong focus on development and innovation with specific needs and requirements.

ITMAGINATION was able to meet all of these requirements and has proven itself as a reliable and professional technology partner.

Łukasz Malec
ICT Group Director
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"The project was completed in a proper manner, in accordance with our expectations and quality requirements, and was delivered on an agreed schedule."

ITMAGINATION has proved itself as a professional partner.

The execution of the project, which consisted of the development and maintenance of the system, as well as support in customer service, absorbed 500 workdays of the ITMAGINATION team.

Mateusz Eichler
CEE Regional Chief Innovation and Technology Officer
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"The team has proven to be an enthusiastic partner that’s determined to deliver the best possible solution to their partner."

Their commitment to our company and mission has really impressed us throughout our engagement. They’ve provided a full scope of development services that have impacted our range of service offerings.

Dennis Priess
(Former) Engineering Transformation Manager
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"The professionals we hired have the knowledge and expertise we were looking for."

The stability of the platform is much better, the code readability in general has improved.

Luis Quijada
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"We fully recommend ITMAGINATION as a professional provider of Outsourcing, Team Leasing services and as a trusted Technology Partner."

ITMAGINATION has been working for the Parade part of William Hill since August 2019. William Hill is one of the most trusted brands in our marketplace, attracting millions of customers from around the world and employing more than 12,000 people in eight countries. ITMAGINATION proved itself as a reliable and professional Technology Partner.

Kamil Stanuch
Site Director
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"ITMAGINATION’s employees stand out with sophisticated technical skills, cutting-edge knowledge in the area of business and IT solutions, along with interpersonal skills, which makes our partnership highly efficient."

We have been cooperating with ITMAGINATION since 2014. The company renders outsourcing services, providing dozens of IT specialists for projects related to our industry.

Jarosław Dąbrowski
Member of the Board
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"ITMAGINATION perseveres to deliver impressive results that further the development of this ongoing project."

Their team's work has been received well by the our internal management locally, and we are looking forward to garnering the same reactions from our global team.

Medtech Company
Commercial Director
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"The team’s knowledge, work ethic, and professionalism are all very impressive and different than I’ve seen before."

The owners of ITMAGINATION take ownership of projects that their company takes on. There’s also a layer of technical management between the owners and the technical leads.

Insurance Tech Company
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"Their technical competency was very impressive. Questions were answered professionally and quickly."

Thanks to the implementation of the project, it is now much easier for our controlling team to have a broad overview of the sales and to slice & dice data to dig deeper into specific topics. Our management team is also able to report on sales, have all the relevant data in a single view with granular access control, and make decisions faster and more accurately.

Leading Packaging Solutions Provider
Head of Operations & IT
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"ITMAGINATION’s developers are talented, and all stakeholders are pleased with their deliverables."

The project went smoothly, and the team was always able to translate our vision into a real, working system.

They developed the entire custom IT solution for the company. The system houses operations, sales, and everything else within the company. While I came up with the initial idea and concept, the details and systems were designed and developed by ITMAGINATION entirely.

Financial Services Company
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
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custom software Development

Your Custom software. Delivered rapidly, professionally, on time.

The decisions you make about software can influence customer satisfaction, employee productivity and the overall efficiency, effectiveness and success of your business.

Increasingly, software – and the experiences you provide to your users – is a source of differentiation and competitive advantage.

We understand this very well at ITMAGINATION and work with you on achieving your business goals through our custom software development services.

ITMAGINATION will work with you to:

Design your product

based on real user needs, right from research, through to UX Design, all the way through to prototyping and UI Design across multiple device formats (desktop, smartphone tablet).

Naturally, every step of the process is supported by extensive testing to ensure alignment between design and user needs.

Develop your software

as web applications, native mobile applications, responsive web applications (RWA) or even as on-premise solutions.

With rich experience across established and emerging technologies and programming languages, we can build according to your existing tech standards or advise you on how to benefit from latest trends and emerging solutions.

Maintain your software

on modern, scalable cloud platforms (like Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud Platform) and supported by a team of professionals working to continually enhance the product in line with your vision, while maintaining maximum uptime and service to your customers.
Data Solutions

Your Data. Migrated,
managed, mastered.

Your data is not an IT challenge – it’s a business asset that, if nurtured and properly managed, will deliver immense value.

ITMAGINATION can help you transform your data into useable information and your information into insight so that you can become a truly data-driven business.

Data Solutions that empower you to:


your existing data so that it’s secure and helps you build trust with your customers and partners, compliant with regulatory requirements (e.g. GDPR) and so that it provides you with access to the information you need, in real time.


your data from a variety of different sources, systems and organizations (e.g. post-merger or acquisition) to modern private or public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform so you can manage and extract value from your data more easily and more cost effectively.


your data so that you can benefit from the full potential of Machine Learning, Data Science, AI and Predictive Analytics to generate insights that empower you to anticipate the future and make decisions that will add value and help your business gain market share.
Cloud-Native Solutions

The possibilities of the Cloud are practically limitless.

It’s our job to provide you with the perfect solutions for your business requirements. Our consultants will help you choose the best Cloud architecture to fit your present and future needs.

For optimal performance, we offer a variety of solution providers to choose from, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure you have the provider that’s right for you.

ITMAGINATION can help you enhance your
existing IT capabilities with:

Speed & Flexibility

Whether it’s on Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform, we specialize in helping you migrate to the cloud in the most efficient and effective way possible.

We offer multi-cloud solutions for system integrations and take a cloud-native approach when developing solutions.


We work with you on preparing your applications to be delivered through any cloud platform.

This includes cloud-native application development, and ensuring all related DevOps is covered over the full software development lifecycle in your cloud infrastructure.

Cost Savings

When building your data solutions, we work with you on a multitude of cloud-native deployments.

We build out end-to-end data platforms along with business intelligence and data science & machine learning solutions that are fully deployed in your cloud infrastructure.
Innovation as a service

Think of Innovation as a Service as working in an agile “Startup Mode” – but without being or buying a startup.

By doing so, you give your employees and your customers the best of both worlds – the freedom to break down barriers and think outside the box, but in a stable environment that’s supported by ITMAGINATION’s proven processes and experience.
Innovation is a creative idea developed into an even greater products, services or processes to make a meaningful impact in the market or society.Invite ITMAGINATION’s Innovation as a Service to your company to help you generate ideas, transform them into actual working products and accelerate your business.

Marcin Dąbrowski
Chief Innovation Officer

ITMAGINATION can help you get your products
from Idea to MVP in no time:


your strategic goal, which is the root cause for an innovation in your company.

This will be the basis for building out an MVPs which will be the best suited for your goals.


to build parallel MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) to shorten the time-to-market (TTM).

ITMAGINATION's team will help you to identify what innovations will have biggest impact and what innovations you really need.


PoCs (Proofs of Concept) for the most promising ideas so they can be tested in terms of feasibility to achieve the desired goals.

Building a PoC is the best way to learn what works, and even if it fails, we do it at a minimum cost.

Why Our Clients Choose Us


We swiftly scale teams up or down depending on your needs and the stage of your program or project. We have over 400 developers on board and are able to accommodate to your needs - fast.

This enables you to benefit from true alignment between your business and IT and agility to tap into the services you need as and when you need them.


With more than 13 years’ experience, ITMAGINATION has built a successful track record of delivering projects for some of the world’s biggest and most-recognized organizations.

We blend sector, technology and domain expertise to provide comprehensive solutions to real-world business and technology challenges.


Poland is recognized as the source of some of the world’s top tech talent. We carefully recruit and nurture IT professionals and provide them with training, support and exposure to the latest technologies.

With ITMAGINATION, you can be confident that you’re working with the best tech talent available.

Business Value

We strive to understand your business needs and the role of IT services in addressing these needs.

Our domain and sector experts will ask questions and (healthily) challenge your assumptions so that we can provide the right solution to meet your needs. Success for us is when you know that the service we provide contributes to your business growth.

Let's Talk About Your Project!

Hisham Itani

Head of Marketing

If you're interested in exploring how we can work together to achieve your objectives & challenges - whether technical or on the business side, I'm just a message away. Let's dive deep into a conversation!

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